Silly Things You Should Never Use Your Drone To Do

Sedo Ebinne
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A drone is that toy that you can use for different activities — from military to medical to mundane activities — and still make money while at it. Thus, it is easy to get carried away and overfly your boundaries. While we want you to get our drone course, buy a drone, and make money with your drone, we do not want you to go overboard with your new toy. So here are silly things you should never do with your drone:


  • Spying on your Neighbour

Not only is this an invasion of privacy, it is also an actionable offence in some countries like the US which have strict aerial space laws. Even though many developing countries are still grasping the wonder of drone technology, it’s common sense not to stick your nose or in this case, your drone in other people’s business. 

  • Showing at Someone’s Wedding With a Drone

Yeah, we get it; you’re excited. You just got your drone after taking our course and you want to show it off to other people. And what’s the best occasion where everyone will be dressed their best and congregated in large numbers? A wedding! Especially a Nigerian wedding. 

Compelling Adverts: drone wedding

As much as you might be thrilled, it’s not a good idea to show up to someone’s wedding with a drone unless with express permission from the couple. With the use of drones for aerial photo shots, the use of the drone will certainly be convenient. But you’re not the hired photographer. Leave your drone photography skills for the beach or your own wedding. Do not assume that your eye-catching tech will make people swoon over you or your photos. And even if they do, it doesn’t make it right.

  • Flying Your Drone in Stadiums and Packed Events

Not only will this cause a disturbance, but a single mistake with handling could badly injure people. Except on official hire, drones should not be used to record live events like football matches or musical performances. While it might be tempting to capture Tiwa Savage upfront with a 100MP clarity, causing a disturbance and ending the life of your drone at the hands of some bodyguards may not be a sight to behold. 

  • Do Not Fly Your Drone Under the Influence

While flying a drone is a fun activity, drinking while you fly your drone is silly, and here’s why: 

You may press the wrong buttons and bring your drone to an untimely demise. Also, in countries like the US, ‘drunk droning’ is illegal.

  • Don’t Fly Over Windsor Castle!

In 2015, an uninformed tourist was found flying a 3ft long drone near Windsor Castle on a day the Queen was visiting. This was met by prompt action and the tourist was asked to delete the footage. However, no legal actions were taken. The UK has strict aviation laws that prevent any unauthorized flight by man or machine, 50 meters around any land owned by the British Monarchy. 

BATCAM: Windsor Castle

As much as it would be lovely to take in the sights and sounds of Windsor Castle, the home of the Queen of England, always remember that it is silly to fly a drone over this estate.

But this shouldn’t discourage you from flying as there are certain guidelines to follow when flying a drone in countries like the UK. As a general rule, avoid state buildings including Aso Rock. 

Laws guiding the flying of drones are yet to be implemented in many countries of the world but these guidelines should help you fly your drone happily anywhere you are.  However, you cannot fly if you don’t learn. Click here to take our Drone Piloting and Business Course so you can Learn, Fly, and Earn.

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