How to make money as a drone pilot

Maureen Eugene
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As a drone pilot, you can make at least one million naira monthly. Having a drone skill goes beyond the recreational aspect. In other words, you can still have fun with your drone and equally make loads of cash with it.

Even though research shows that most drone pilots use their drones mostly to have fun and take photos or make aerial videos, there is still a business side of it. Some of the common ways to make money from drone piloting include:

  • Working as a freelance drone pilot

This is the simplest way a drone expert can earn a huge amount of money. All it entails is for you to use your drone skills and solve problems around a particular niche or across diverse niches.

For instance, real estate marketing needs drone pilots to take vivid videos of properties, aerial stills, and even 3D maps. These photos and videos are then used as data in promotional materials. With the data provided, potential buyers can get an extensive view of the property they are thinking about buying.

  • Selling aerial photos and videos

If you have been going out and taking photos for fun, now is the time to convert that into a business. This can be quite profitable especially when you have all the requirements. To begin, you need a drone that is equipped with a gimbal and a quality camera. A camera that can produce an apparent photo from the air.

Ideally, you can opt for drones that are furnished with GoPro cameras and take 4K Ultra HD videos. After that, you will need to capture attractive places that appeal to the eyes. It could be natural beauty with nice landscapes and tourist attractions. Sell them at museums, beach resorts, and even amusement parks. You can also auction them online. Pinterest and Pixabay are wonderful sites to start with.

  • Inspection jobs

Rendering your services to utility companies can be a great way to start earning. Your job is to inspect certain areas where normally a plane or helicopter can not penetrate. Such areas may include electrical lines, remote substations, and pumping stations. You could also use your drone for oil inspections, roof inspections, or to inspect gas pipelines.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have proven to be more useful for construction and insurance companies. All you need to carry this successfully is a well-equipped drone with a 4K camera to inspect impermeable areas that have been mapped out for inspections. So whether you have an advanced or small drone, you can simply earn by offering this service.

  • Teaching others

Teaching other people what you know can be a lucrative business. So when it comes to drone piloting, you can offer the value of teaching institutions, professionals, and individuals everything about drones. From drone repairs to drone flying and control.

A better way of finding your audience is by positioning yourself as a drone expert across your social media handles. Inclined people who would love to learn will reach out to you once they discover you're a drone pilot.

Teaching others is what we do at DABA. Our Drone Piloting Course would teach you all you need to know about drones and flying them. Become a drone pilot today. Take the course now by clicking here.

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