The Anatomy of WhatsApp Marketing

Maureen Eugene
By Maureen Eugene
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Whether you are a business owner or you intend to start selling something, knowing the in and out of WhatsApp marketing can help you drive more sales, build cheap relationships and customer retention. 

Think of a channel that helps your brand reach a wider audience directly, a strategy that allows you to reach your customers via an ordinary chat. Think of a strategy that keeps you ahead of the competition. Think WhatsApp marketing. 

The Anatomy of WhatsApp Marketing: Things You Must Know

Wondering why? 

The truth is: people do business based on trust. If they don't know your brand and feel you are close enough, they are likely not to buy from you. They want to be able to trust you to even give you their hard-earned money. WhatsApp marketing makes it so easy to connect with your customers on a personal level which includes listening to them and providing what they want.

  • WhatsApp marketing is cheap

WhatsApp marketing is the cheapest and affordable marketing channel you can access. All you need to get balling is just to download the app, precisely the WhatsApp Business app which makes it easy for you as a business owner. This is because the WhatsApp Business app was built with small and large business owners in mind and contains all the features that make your business run smoothly. 

  • WhatsApp offers a platform for building strong relationships with customers

Having a good relationship with customers is healthy for your business. Since communication is key to a good relationship, WhatsApp offers a veritable platform for interacting and connecting with your customers. With WhatsApp marketing, you convert contacts to clients. Existing customers can also promote your brand and even refer customers to your service by sharing your business line with them — or even your WhatsApp status. Quality relationships can be built through this strategy, hence strengthening your business in a million ways.

  • WhatsApp Marketing = Better Sales

Did you know that adding a WhatsApp phone number on your website may generate 27% more sales leads? Did you know that 66% of customers feel more optimistic buying from businesses that are active on their messengers? Did you know that 60% of customers believe they would use chat messengers to make purchases in the future

WhatsApp Monetization Course

WhatsApp marketing is a goldmine yet to be discovered by many people. As an online academy, one of our objectives is to present you with untapped opportunities and point you to the path of wealth creation. Our WhatsApp Monetization Course shows you proven strategies for growing your business and making sales through WhatsApp. 

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