Japa-ing And The 3 Currencies You Need For Financial Freedom

Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna
By Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna
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Dear About-To-Japa Nigerian

You’ve just written another scholarship essay. The 5th one in three months. You keep explaining to one college in Toronto or a university in Istanbul why you want to pursue a postgraduate degree. Your essay describes the school as a prestigious one with the right ambience and academic community to give you the knowledge and experience you need for your career. But dear About-To-Japa Nigerian, is this the whole truth?

You and I know that knowledge, experience and career are quite secondary in your quest. If not that you would likely lose the admission, you would have told your prospective school the truth in three words: “I WANT MONEY!”

Money is the primary reason you want to japa. And this reason is valid. Leaving this country — where $1 cannot get you a kilogram of gas, where a tin of sardine is now luxury, where N1000 can no longer get you a full crate of eggs, and where leaders deliberately sit on the wealth meant for all — to find a better socioeconomic climate is valid.  But the hard truth is that japa-ing to Canada or Turkey or Norway or Scotland does not guarantee financial freedom. 

You can go to these countries and enjoy their working systems, yet still remain broke. While our physical environment plays an important role in our journey to success, our mental environment plays a bigger role. Your physical environment will hand you the opportunities you need to be financially free, but you can only utilize these opportunities successfully with and in the right mental environment. 

So am I saying you should not japa? Not at all. By all means, do — if you have the chance. All I am saying is that the green grass you see abroad was watered by someone else. Whether you are in Canada or somewhere in Bermuda, if you want a greener pasture, you would have to water it yourself. And to do this, you need three currencies. 

If you japa , you need three currencies to be financially free...

You will not be financially free because you earn in dollars or cryptocurrency; you will be financially free if you have three other currencies: the currency of knowledge, the currency of drive, and the currency of community. 

It is important to note that currency here refers to the quality of being evergreen, and not just generally accepted entities. 

The currency of knowledge

What you know will set you free. You cannot act beyond your level of knowledge. You can only make wealth when you know the steps to take. Jeff Bezos knew that the internet will revolutionize the world, that is why he quit his job as vice-president of a hedge fund company to start a bookstore.

However, it is not just about having knowledge; it is about having updated knowledge. Is your knowledge relevant to present events? Are you a Nigerian undergraduate pursuing a career in oil and gas when other countries are relegating oil to the bottom of their economic ladder?  Are you only knowledgeable about shares when others are talking about NFTs and DeFi? 

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The currency of drive

Dear About-To-Japa Nigerian, do you know why you’ve never stopped applying to schools abroad, why you’ve submitted five different essays in three months? It is because you have the currency of drive, of motivation, of enthusiasm. The abysmal reality of the Nigerian state consistently fuels your desire to japa.

This currency is one you should never lose. If or when you leave the country, retain your desire to be financially free. Many leave the country, get carried away by the comfort of a foreign land, lose their motivation to create wealth — and remain broke.   

If you must be and remain financially free, you must never lose your steam. You need to strive for more always. And one way of being consistently motivated is to belong to the right community. 

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The currency of community

In this fast-paced world teeming with new information every day, the saying “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” should be modified to “show me your community and I will tell you who you are.” You see, your access to the first two currencies, knowledge and drive, largely depends on your community. 

Many refuse to belong to premium communities where they would get first-hand information just because these communities aren't free. They prefer to be admins of their Old Boys’ Association’s WhatsApp group where they share forwarded-many-times broadcast messages of Antichrist and 5G. They’ll tell you that they can access any information they need on YouTube and Google.

Indeed, Google and YouTube are large repositories of free information, but there is a lot of information you cannot access there. For instance, Wakanda Inu and CakeTools became global sensations in November, but do you know that Cryptohub students and others in the DABA community knew of these projects as far back as the second quarter of this year? They became early birds in the presales because they got information before others; information not available on Google.


So dear About-To-Japa Nigerian, if you think japa-ing means automatic access to wealth, you have to think again. As I said before, this is not a note to discourage from you leaving the country; it is a note to get you more prepared for the life you desire and deserve.

Have a safe flight. 

From DABA,

With love.  

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