Black Panther, Wakanda Inu, and a Social Revolution for Africa

Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna
By Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna
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Never has a movie celebrated African culture the way Black Panther did. The movie paid homage in several ways to Africa’s rich cultural heritage: the Basotho blankets worn by warriors who defended Wakanda’s borders, the Ndebele gold rings around the necks of the Dora Milaje (women warriors tasked with defending the king), the Nsibidi writings on T’Challa’s throne, and the indigenous African languages spoken by the Wakanda tribes.


Black Panther was not just another superhero movie, it was a cultural phenomenon. People went to the cinemas dressed in traditional African attires. They crossed their hands on their chest, chanting “Wakanda Forever.” This was in 2018.

Image Credit: Nollywood community

Three years later, we hear the chant again. But it’s not because of the movie, rather it is because of something more digital, more innovative. This time, Black Panther is not a vibrant cinematography of African heritage; it is a financial revolution, a social awakening. 

Enter: Wakanda Inu, The African Dog 

Africa is one continent that has driven the massive adoption of cryptocurrency. From the Bitcoin boom of 2017 to the meme coin mania led by Dogecoin and followed by Shiba Inu in 2021, Africa has been a key player in the crypto world. But Africa’s significance drove only the adoption of crypto projects developed outside Africa. For a continent so significant, it was an anomaly that there was no strong African-born crypto project. However, all that changed when a group of Africans came together to launch the first African token and meme coin, Wakanda Inu.


Africa — and the world — was waiting... 

The overwhelming market response the token received with its launch proved that Africans — and the world — have waited so long for a project like this. 

According to its whitepaper titled “Panther’s Words,” Wakanda Inu is described as a “community meme project forged from the deep and warm consciousness of humanity. [It] represents the daily struggles and aspirations of the best aspects of what it means to be alive - truly alive as a community.”

Its presale, which was completed on Sunday, 7th November, raised 1334.85 BNB (over 850,000 USD). Wakanda Inu became the first African project to hit a market cap of over 20 million USD within 24 hours. It is said to be bigger than Shiba Inu

Since its launch, it has experienced a surge in value of over 1500%. Over 28,000 accounts currently hold the token — a record-breaking number in the crypto space. Wakanda Inu has been listed on over 8 exchanges including ObiEx, Quidax, and PancakeSwap. It has also been listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

Beyond the euphoria and record-breaking numbers lies a philosophy       

Wakanda Inu is not just another crypto sensation; it is a movement, a philosophy, a vital step towards reengineering the African mind. In Black Panther’s Wakanda, we saw a glimpse of what Africa could be, but in Wakanda Inu, we see the possibility and power in becoming

Community-driven and with a decentralized leadership, Wakanda Inu proves that with a unified voice, we can achieve anything. The project aims to lead the becoming of what it means to be truly African, plans to be the voice for the unheard all over the world, and intends to use crypto awareness to alleviate poverty, promote charity, and help people realize their dreams. 

In Wakanda Inu, the age-old philosophy of Ubuntu manifests: “I am because of who we all are.” Little wonder, the project reserved 4% of its supply to fund charitable activities all over the world.  

Be part of this revolution today

Visit the website to read the whitepaper and imbibe the philosophy of this Afrocentric revolution.

Follow the African Dog on Twitter and Facebook.

Join the community of social revolutionaries on Telegram

And purchase $WKD on PancakeSwap and other exchanges such as ObiEx and Quidax.  

This is a project from Africa, for Africa, and by Africans. Wakanda Forever!

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