8 Types of Crypto Traders in a Green Market

Maureen Eugene
By Maureen Eugene
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The land is green. The harvest is ready. 

These lyrics from TY Bello’s song describes the current state of the crypto market. From Bitcoin to BNB to Ethereum and to the recently launched Wakanda Inu, the first African meme token — the green candles of the market are unmistakable as they are heralds of joy. 

In a green market, traders exhibit different characters. We’ve compiled a list of the different types of traders you’ll find in a green market. If you are a trader/investor, you might find yourself on this list. If you are not a crypto trader/investor (which is a sad reality), you may know a trader or two who belong to any of these categories.

  • The Braggadocious Traders


These traders post on their WhatsApp status and Facebook walls reminding you of when they asked you to buy a certain coin but you ignored. They are hellbent on pouring pepper into your eyes. They make you regret why you didn’t take action. 

  • The ones looking to turn $100 to $1 million overnight


These ones have probably heard how people became millionaires upon investing in a coin. The most interesting part for them is hearing that the person invested a little capital that made them so rich.

  • The ones asking needless questions


There is always that one trader asking a lot of questions during a green market. They don't do research, they don't even read. In fact, these ones are always on the FOMO list. You will only hear: "Boss, abeg what do you think about this coin?"

  • The greedy ones


These ones refuse to take profits when there is a price rally and end up losing everything.


  • The 'oga kpatakpata of dem all'


These ones are the crypto legends. They understand the market movement and are not surprised by the direction of the market.

  • The JJC traders


The Johnny-Just-Come Traders. New, inexperienced, and enjoying the effect of a green market, these ones fantasize about how rich they will be in a green market even with their little capital. They never stop checking their wallets and calculating their profits. 

  • The Omaha of Ajegunle


These ones go by many names. You can call them Ikorodu Chris Ani, Bariga Warren Buffet, Agege Nolan Amadi, or Omaha of Ajegunle. These rookie traders ride on the wings of the green market to make crypto predictions. They only predict upward price movements. They become crypto teachers overnight and even open signal rooms just a month after taking the DABA Trade and Make Money Course. Their WhatsApp status reads like this: “BTC at 64k. We are moving to 70k next.” Ask them how they arrived at this conclusion and all you get is silence. 

  • Signal Thieves


These traders are cousins of the Ajegunle Omaha. To keep up their appearance as crypto experts, they steal signals of the real experts. 

Did you identify yourself or anyone you know in this list? Tell us the type of trader you are in the comments.

May the pump be with you.

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