5 Skills You Should Learn While You Are on ASUU Strike

Caleb Ihuarulam
By Caleb Ihuarulam
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“I was so surprised when I heard that ASUU had gone on strike again,” said no one ever. The Association of Academic Staff Union of Universities has perfected the art of strike action that one would think  it is enshrined in the union’s constitution. 

For those affected by the strike, this is not the time to keep lamenting, but a perfect opportunity to get off your butts and better your life. Remember that making progress in the 21st century world does not necessarily require a degree. While you are at home during the strike, here are five things you could learn that could change your future and your career: 

  • Video Content Creation

To put it bluntly, there is nothing quite as impressive as video content creation. We've had young people turn their lives around through content creation. A prominent example is Khaby Lame, the TikTok sensation that doesn't speak in his videos but used that single strategy to build an empire worth about 2.7 - 5 million dollars within two years

The beauty of video content creation is that you can use it for and in any field. A scientist can track environmental pollution through video content creation and drive better impact for the environment. You could also use video content to simplify complex engineering concepts for your colleagues. In whatever field you belong, there is a place for video content, and who says that learning video content creation might not eventually give you a career spin-off you never saw coming? If this little pep talk has inspired you to learn video content creation, then we would love to recommend a great tool that you can use. Click here to see it. 

  • Graphic Design

In today’s internet-driven world, creating designs that communicate different visually-appealing messages is a sought-after skill. Irrespective of the field you find yourself, there will always be a need for graphic designers or visual storytellers as some people might call them. Think about it: even your school presentation has some element of graphic design. Why do you think the most intelligent students always go the extra mile to develop a beautiful presentation to win them more marks? 

Anybody can learn the basics of graphic design. After learning the basics, every other thing then depends on your creativity and thought process. It doesn't take long to learn graphic design. In some cases, you can learn this skill in as little as one month. Instead of sitting at home, why not pick up your laptop and hop on this complete course package that will help you learn graphic design as quickly as possible.

  • Affiliate Marketing

If you are one of those who frown at affiliate marketing, then there's something you don't know about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is selling other people's products digitally and  earning commission from selling those products. You do not have to carry black boxes to travel all over the country just so you can close one sale. Appropriate affiliate marketing sites provide you with tools that you need to perfect the skills. When you do, you could be smiling your way a couple thousand bucks every month. Without having to leave your location. Here is an introduction to affiliate marketing.

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

If you have not heard about cryptocurrency at this point, you might as well have been living under the rock for the best part of the last 7 years. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies and have become the rave of the financial movement. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies available out there and just like the way you trade forex, you could buy and exchange them for a living.

But if cryptocurrency would not do the magic for you, then you should know that blockchain technology is already finding new uses beyond finance. There are so many problems that blockchain is solving that if you are able to master how to create programs and solutions using blockchain technology, you can access a whole new world of opportunities. 

How about non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs? You can learn how to create projects around NFTs, mint NFTs and create products that you can earn money from. There is a lot you can do with NFTs, but you can’t do that if you don’t have the right information. 

What you need to do is to learn the background information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, then go ahead to apply that knowledge in trading, creating and minting NFTs or even programming blockchains. You can do this from anywhere you want as long as you have the proper education, for which we are going to recommend a material that will provide you with some guidance.

  • UI/UX Design

User interface and user experience design is another sought-after skill in today's world. With a lot of digital tools popping up and a lot of companies creating apps and websites, companies jostle for user attention. This they do by creating a graphically-pleasing interface that keeps customers glued to their platform. 

Learning the basics of user interface design or user experience design can give you leverage as you progress in your career.  Brands, both small and large, need websites, applications and digital interface interactions with their users. With a UI/UX design skill, you can get a job with a company that requires your skill, or you can freelance your way to a comfortable pay from the comfort of your home or school.

Final Words 

Digital skills are one of the easiest ways to empower yourself in a world that has gone digital. While you stay at home and await the reopening of schools, it is important that you create alternate career paths for yourself. That way, you will not have to depend on your certificate for daily upkeep. No one knows how the sparring session between ASUU and the Federal government will end. But while they are in the boxing ring, you could be on your way to creating an entirely new career for yourself. 


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