The Who, What and Why of UI/UX?

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You might have overheard someone complimenting the UX of a product, or complaining how poorly a designer handled the UI of a website and you wondered severally what they mean.   Although UI and UX are terms that are often used interchangeably by people, they mean different things. In this article, you will understand what UI and UX are and why they come up in every tech discussion.

What are UI and UX? 

UI is User Interface Design, while UX is User Experience Design. They are two different areas of design that are carried out by experts who have to work together to come up with the best results for a product or website. But as much as they work together, there are some differences that you should know of. 

User Interface Design

Although UI is being used widely, a lot of misinterpretations have been made about its description. However, you should know that User Interface is completely digital and it is how you as a user interact with digital services and products. The job of the UI designer is to carefully select elements that would improve the look, feel and general interactivity of the products on the site. Some of the factors that a User Interface designer would think of include colours, text spacing, imagery, icons and buttons, as well as typography. In essence, the role of a UI designer is to ensure that you see the strengths of a brand in any of their products that you might want to purchase. And while that sounds easy, only an excellent UI designer would help you shop without thinking too much.

User Experience Design 

The term 'user experience' was coined by Don Norman in the 1990s. And the term signifies all the aspects of a company that you as an end-user interacts with. These aspects could be the website, products or any service that the company renders. What the UX designer thinks of when designing is how comfortable you would feel when you use the company's products and services. A simple instance of this is how easy you find the checkout process to be when you shop online. Essentially, the job of a UX designer is to create easy, user-friendly and efficient experiences for you. 

The following are some differences between UI and UX: 

  • UI is concerned with how the product's interface performs, while UX concerns itself with how you feel when you use the product. 

  • While UI is strictly related to digital products and experiences, UX applies to any kind of product or service. 

  • The UX designer outlines how a product should be developed, while the UI designer fills these outlines with interactive and visual elements. 

Why UI/UX?

The world has evolved and a lot of things can be done online. UI and UX exist to ensure that you get the best experience when shopping  and when you use a company's products and/or services. 

Who Can Do UI/UX Designs?

There is no limit to who can work as a UI/UX designer. With the right courses, training and experience, you too can become a professional UI/UX designer. You can find the right courses at DABA school. All you have to do is to click on this link to start.


UI and UX are very important aspects of design and these designers are responsible for how much you enjoy a digital service and the entire experience that comes with it. So with these in mind, you'll understand better when next you come across a digital product or shopping experience that you are satisfied with. 

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