You Shouldn't Be In The Crypto Space.

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By Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna

If you are reading this right now, then you are in luck. What you are about to read is shocking, but it will also save you from making a big mistake. If you’ve already made this mistake, you may still have time to correct it. What is this mistake? The cryptocurrency industry.

The crypto industry is not what you think it is. You should take everything you’ve heard or read about the industry with a pinch of salt. 

Did you know that there is nobody, no entity like Satoshi Nakomoto? Satoshi Nakomoto is only a fictional character created to make the bitcoin story more compelling. Who wouldn’t be curious about a new currency that can’t be seen or felt created by an anonymous person that can’t be seen or felt? Sounds like a good Hollywood script. 

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Did you know that there is nothing like a blockchain? The so-called “cryptic” crypto transactions run on the same network used by traditional banks. The system preys on your imagination to get you to believe that your transactions are confidential. It is the same way it got you to believe and give value to a thing you cannot see.

Did you know that if you’ve believed everything written so far, you’ve just been fooled?

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We apologize if we made your heart skip a bit. It is our own mischievous way to welcome you to April. It took a whole lot of effort to write those cringeworthy words. We hope you delete it from your memory just as we’ve done in ours. 

Cryptocurrency is the greatest invention known to humankind—only surpassed by the internet. It is an industry everyone should be part of—from the teenager learning about financial management to the elderly seeking retirement. 

Despite the crypto space being a financial playground for everyone, certain people should not be in the space. 

1. The Impatient: The crypto market is a fertile soil where financial seeds thrive. But like conventional farming, there is a timeline between planting and harvest. Those who currently reap the harvests of the crypto space sowed their seeds years ago. They’ve witnessed the highs and lows of the market. They’ve enjoyed 500% gains but also suffered 90% losses. It is a game of patience. Sow your seeds and wait for your time to reap.

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If you want a get-rich-quick scheme, then the crypto space is not where you should be. Why not try the numerous Ponzi schemes out there and watch your dreams come through. 

2. The Fearful: Winning crypto traders and investors do not panic when the market experiences a downtime. No market is designed to be stable. Every market goes through a cycle of highs and lows. It is a cycle that continuously repeats itself. Winning traders and investors know this, and that is why they are resilient. 

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If you want a stable market so that your heart would be at peace, then run far from the crypto market. Health is wealth. What use would the money be if you come down with a disease because of your panic and fear? 
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3. The Ignorant: You cannot be part of a system you know nothing about. There is a lot of buzz about the crypto market. Many are likely to get carried away by the buzz without trying to learn about the market. People have committed huge amounts of funds into the market without understanding how it works. This is dangerous. You will get burnt if you do this.

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If you are not ready to receive proper education about the cryptocurrency ecosystem, then do not be part of it. 

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