You Need These 7 Professional Tips To Create Awesome Videos

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Written by Tamilore Adewuyi

Having fun? You’d make a video for the gram. Having a sad day? You’d look for comedy skits to lighten your mood.

You see, videos have become one of the most desirable mediums for self-expression. Videos serve as evidence which people can trust. They are used to educate, enlighten, inspire, and document history.

But before videos can carry out these functions, they must be appealing. People will probably pay no mind to an unappealing video, no matter the value in its content. So here are 7 tips to help you make professional videos.

1. Lights: Lighting is essential to your video. It can make or mar the quality of your video. To get the best picture quality for your video, use natural lights. Should natural light prove hard to get, you may want to get a bright LED bulb or ring lights.

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2. Background: You do not need to be in a studio to shoot a professional video. You can shoot amazing videos on your backyard lawn or in your cozy bedroom. Choose a background with a pleasant ambience.

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3. Audio: The audio of your video is as vital as its picture. To get the most out of your audio, do not depend on the camera’s mic — get a good external microphone. Also, make sure your speech is clear and syncs with the video.

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4. Script: In video making, a script is like having a plan. A plan that guides your videos. When you have a script to follow, you make fewer mistakes and your video shots flow seamlessly.

script wyzowl

5. Get close to the subject/object: Get close enough to the subject/object you are capturing. Don’t be too close that the background cannot be seen, and don’t be too far that the viewer can’t make out the subject/object.

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Some people believe they can adjust the distance of their video by zooming in and out. However, you must understand that zooming in or out in a video may likely leave your video grainy, even with a beautiful background and perfect lighting. Get closer to your subject and cover all details rather than zooming in or out.

6. Avoid portrait/vertical videography: Most people, especially when using a smartphone, make the mistake of capturing their videos in portrait mode, otherwise called vertical orientation. A video should make the viewer stay glued to every inch of the screen.

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Next time you want to record a video, make sure your device is in landscape (horizontally-oriented) mode. The advantages of this include: First, you capture the whole space better. Second, the subject is easily recognised. Third, post production will be neater.

phone orientation Video Proc

7. Improve videos with editing apps: Nobody takes a video and just uploads. (Well, except amateurs and those suffering from the bystander effect.)

The merit of quality videos is that they have gone through thorough editing. Use popular editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. For mobile phone users, apps like Kinemaster, Power Director, Inshot, Viva Video, and FilmoraGo come in handy for editing.

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Producing great videos can be a fun and lucrative pursuit. Master the art of videography with these tips. You can also learn more by taking our Video Production and Editing Course. Click here to begin your journey to making great videos.

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