Why Your Affiliate Sales Are Poor

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By Maureen Eugene

Many have high hopes when starting out as affiliate marketers but give up because they aren’t making sales as they thought they would. But giving up is not the first and best option; knowing why the sales are poor is. Knowledge is the first step to winning. So here are reasons why you make poor sales as an affiliate marketer.

1. You don't use bonuses

The market is expanding daily and competition is on the increase. Give people a reason why they need to buy from you and not from your competitors. Bonuses are effective in getting people to buy from you. 

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Bonuses act as incentives and boost the value of your offering. Adding a bonus to your offering is a good way to turn on the “FOMO” signal in your buyers — a good way to let them know that if they don’t buy, they are missing out on something valuable. Do this and watch them click your link and do all it takes to make a purchase. 

Bonus Tip: Let the bonuses you offer have a time frame. This heightens the buyers’ desire to purchase your product immediately. 

2. Using the wrong sales funnel

Getting a person to buy from you requires that you follow a series of steps. You’d have to get the customer’s attention, pique their interest, create desire, and finally get them to take action. This is the basic sales funnel. Missing any of these steps would lead to poor sales. 

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If you want to increase sales, use the right sales funnel. You could get buyers’ attention through emails or by hosting a free or low-cost webinar. If the webinar is value-packed, it will create a hunger and desire for more. Then, you can offer your product. Apart from emails and webinars, you could write a book or create a course. 

3. Not advertising to the right audience

It is one thing to advertise, it is another thing to advertise to the right audience. Making sales strictly depends on advertising to the right audience. Knowing your ideal audience helps you know how to fashion your offering according to their needs.

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Knowing your audience is not guesswork; it's done strategically by using the right tools. One such tool is Google Analytics which is used in monitoring user demographics. It shows you the age, gender, and geographic location of your customers.

You can also use social media analytics to determine your follower's needs. With this, you can clearly define your audience's needs and provide them with the right products.

Other ways to know your right audience include:

  • Recognizing your audience's pain point through social listening. This helps you to know what customers are saying about a certain product.

  • Assessing your competition. Knowing how your competitors run their business can be of great help in increasing your sales. One vital tool that can help you accomplish this is BuzzSumo. It reveals the questions people are asking about certain topics. This can help you structure your product rightly.

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