4 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Instagram Insights

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Written by Maureen Eugene

Currently, Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms in the world today. It’s termed the magic spell for modern businesses and a lot of individuals and business owners are taking advantage of it to scale their businesses and brands. However, to gain dominance in a market, you need to understand the characteristics of the market and tailor your products and marketing strategy according to these characteristics. This is why you need Instagram insights.

Instagram insights are basic analytics that help you understand your account, your followers, your posts and their all-around performance. Here are 4 reasons why you need Instagram insights.

1. To understand your buyers

Instagram insights provide you with demographic information like the gender, age group, and location of your buyers. This helps you know how to focus your marketing campaign. If you wish to boost sales, establish a customer experience or even create engaging content, then get to know your buyers.

2. To know the perfect time for making your posts

To avoid wasting your time and efforts, you must know the time your audience spends on Instagram. With that, you can get better engagement, response, and likes. For example, if your audience is most active in the day and you go on to post at midnight, you will only get little or zero response.

Making a post at the right time gets you higher audience engagement. Always remember: Great content plus poor timing equals poor engagement.

3. To understand engagement rate

Having a significant number of followers on Instagram with low or no engagement can be a pointer to your brand’s success or failure. Through comments, you can tell how your buyers feel about a particular product.

Likes and comments are standard metrics for measuring your posts’ engagement vis-à-vis your number of followers. For example, we could say that an Instagram account with 1000 followers that averages 400 likes and comments per post has better engagement than an account that averages the same number of likes and comments but with 10,000 followers.

Instagram insights tell you what type of content gets more engagements.

4. To track your hashtag performance 

Hashtags help you reach a larger number of buyers, including those who never knew your brand existed. For better exposure and engagement, always use trending hashtags.


Many brands have recorded massive sales by leveraging Instagram insights. It is a simple but essential tool you shouldn’t do without.

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