Why You Need DABA's Trade and Make Money Course

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Cryptocurrency is the new money. And if you are looking at building long-term wealth, then you cannot overlook it.

There are a lot of ways to make money from cryptocurrency: mining, trading, etc. And of all the ways to make money via cryptocurrency, crypto trading is the easiest. However, you will need to gain knowledge and know the techniques of trading since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets.

You might get burnt from trading cryptocurrencies if you do not have a good knowledge of the market. This why learning cannot be overemphasized. And one person you can learn from is Chris Ani.

Chris Ani

Chris began trading Cryptocurrencies in 2016 and has made a fortune trading different cryptocurrencies. As one of the best cryptocurrency traders in Africa, he runs a company named Cryptohub where he teaches and guides people on the dynamics of the crypto market.

His trading proficiency gained him recognition as he won the 2020 Binance African Influencer Award. To put this in perspective, Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. This means that when when you talk about Cryptocurrency in Africa, the name Chris Ani must come to mind.

2020 Binance Influencer for Africa Award

With the explosion of the crypto industry since 2017, a lot of people have clamoured for educational platforms that would teach them how to make money in the industry, and Chris decided to fill this gap.

Chris’s "Trade and Make Money" course (which is on his online educational platform, DABA) teaches young people the fundamentals of crypto trading. The course transforms them from beginners with zero knowledge or experience, to experts skilled enough to guide others in the industry. The course also comes with a lifetime access to the Cryptohub signals group where one gets access to analysis and forecasts from Chris Ani and his team.

To take this course, go to daba.school and be on your path to financial freedom.

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