Valentine Crypto Trading Tips: You Need to Hate These Popular Rules of Love Passionately

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Written by Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna

Dear Trader,

Love is a beautiful thing. Show it everywhere. But not to your trades.

Some cardinal rules of love do not just apply to crypto trading, no matter the lucrativeness of the market. Here are 3 of these rules.

1. Love with all your heart

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If you do not want to be an emotional trader, never love a coin with all your heart. Loving with all your heart would strip you of the ability to take profit when you have to. Loving with all your heart would make you stick with an underperforming coin even when it is clear that you should exit the market.

2. Give your all to the one you love

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This rule only applies to romantic and family relationships. Never apply it to your trades. The crypto market may be lucrative, but only trade or invest funds you are willing to lose. Do not plough all your money into the market. Do not use your school fees to trade. Do not use your house rent to trade. Trade with only money you can afford to lose. Don’t give your all.

3. Love is blind

love-is-blind Graphis

Love is blind means to love despite flaws. You may burn if you apply this rule to your trades. Do not trade blindly. Carry out your research. Just like not all that glitters is gold, not all that pumps is a gem. Some are market manipulations. Once you FOMO into such markets, the coin dumps on you immediately. When it comes to trading, love with your head, not your heart.


We hope you do not apply these rules of love to your trades. To make winning trades, you need wisdom. And in our Trade and Make Money course, you would find “30 Wisdom Keys For Trading.” Click here to get the course now. Happy Valentine.

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