This Is Why Your Videos Are Boring

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Written by Maureen Eugene

Videos are powerful tools to engage your audience. Whether motion graphics, live actions, or 3D animation videos, videos can sell your brand if you use them well. However, boring videos don’t sell brands. This means that if your videos have been receiving poor engagements, they are most likely boring. And here are some reasons why that is so:

1. Poor Video Quality: Videos that are blurry, shaky, grainy, out-of-sync, or have other visual issues are bad for business. You can fix these problems by using video editing software or tweaking certain parameters like video resolution.

2. Lack of Purpose: Why do you make videos? Do you make videos because others are making them?

When you don’t have a purpose for making videos, you’d only churn out empty, directionless content. You end up not making any sense, passing any information, or solving any problem.

Before making and releasing your video, ask yourself what would keep your viewers watching till the end.

3. Lack of Creativity: Another reason your videos are boring is that you lack creativity. You keep making replicas of videos your audience has seen before.

Be creative. Write spellbinding scripts. Tell stories. Try different soundtracks, backgrounds, and locations. Make your videos exciting, different, and fun.

Normal is boring. Add something unique to your videos 

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4. Detachment From Your Audience: Your audience doesn’t connect with your videos because they do not appeal to their emotions. To make sales, you have to appeal to your audience’s emotions. For instance, a person who buys a Ferrari does not buy it because he can afford it, but because of the elite status it bestows. So, if you sell Ferraris, make ads that would appeal to his emotions.

People are social beings. They want to connect emotionally with your brand. Avoid talking too much about your brand achievements and focus on creating connections with your audience through your videos. Create videos that would make your audience watch till the end—and buy your product.

5. Lengthy Videos: In today’s fast-paced world, people have a short attention span. A lengthy video may bore your audience, especially if it lacks interesting content.

Keep your videos relevant, fresh and short. Keep your videos under two minutes. However, tutorial videos and documentaries are exceptions to this.


We’ve not only shown you why your videos are boring, we’ve also provided solutions to these problems. However, you need to learn more by taking our Video Production and Editing Course. Click here to take the course now and be on your way to creating awesome video content.

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