This Is Why You May Remain Poor Forever

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By Chimfoun Dials

Everyone wants to become rich and wealthy but only a few turn out so in the end. If you are on the other side of the divide struggling to be financially free, there is a chance that that might be your reality — permanently. Here are five reasons why: 

1. You don’t know what to do to become rich

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If you want to be rich, you must decide what steps you want to take towards creating wealth. This would require that you ask yourself certain questions like: What type of business will you like to go into? How do you learn the essentials of the business to become an expert at it? How profitable is the business? How solid is the business model? Can you afford the start-up? How do you intend to fund the business?

Providing honest answers to these questions would guide you on the path to wealth. 

2. You are Lazy

One enemy of success is laziness. Only when laziness has been conquered can success be achieved.

If you have decided to be rich, you cannot afford to be lazy. Laziness, which can be physical or mental, robs you of every opportunity you need to make wealth.

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When you are mentally lazy, you become reluctant to learn new things or come up with fresh ideas. Similarly, physical laziness makes you sit down and do nothing while expecting wealth to come to you. 

3. You procrastinate

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Remember, procrastination means not taking action immediately. So it suffices to also imply that when you procrastinate, you are simply putting off being rich until later. And later could be forever. 

4. You take bad financial advice

You don’t go asking for financial advice from someone who’s never been rich or someone who doesn’t know how to maintain wealth.

If you want to be rich, get great financial advice. Listen to those who have succeeded financially. The internet has made it possible for you to do this. Follow their content, enrol for their webinars, pay for their courses and apply all you learn from them. You will never remain poor.

5. You have only one source of income

Having only one stream of income is a big mistake. Apart from being limited financially, you face the risk of returning to your broke and poor state if anything catastrophic should happen.

Apart from financial security, another advantage of having multiple income streams is that you are able to multiply your income. When you have other income streams, you stand a better chance at achieving financial success than someone who has just one stream.

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An easy way to set up another stream of income is to start a part-time business. This would require that you learn some in-demand skills like affiliate marketing, graphic designing, cryptocurrency trading, and so much more. You can learn one or more of these skills from what we offer at DABA.

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