The Trade and Make Money Course: Moses’ Instructive Guide and Remarkable Journey To Financial Freedom

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What started as a discovery on Twitter has become a tale of learning and wealth creation for Moses.

It was two days after Christmas in 2020 that Moses decided to purchase his first DABA course: The Trade and Make Money course. He finished watching the course videos in January and swung into action. Listening to Moses recount his journey, one can’t help but be fascinated with how he reels out the exact dates he took specific steps.

“I registered for my first course on 27th December 2020. I finished the course around the first week of January 2021 and officially began trading on 8th January 2021,” he tells the DABA team.

Moses began trading with a capital of $250 and immediately placed trades with the signals given by Mr Chris. And all the coins he bought gave him profit. Applying lessons from Mr Chris’s teachings on fundamental analysis, he used the profits made to buy two tokens.

“I remember buying one [of the tokens] with about $50 and then it pumped, giving me a profit of $800. I was wowed,” says Moses.

In less than a month of trading, Moses’s trading capital grew from $250 to $1500.

The crypto trading course made him immune to a major challenge new crypto traders face—the inability to manage their emotions while trading. This plague of emotional trading would have befallen Moses if he hadn’t paid attention to Mr Chris’s “30 Wisdom Keys For Trading.”

“Mr Chris’s ‘30 Wisdom Keys For Trading’ helped me. I almost lost my profits during the whole pump and dump, and also the episode of Elon Musk and Doge. If I didn’t pay attention to those 30 wisdom keys, I think my emotions would have gotten the best of me.”

Moses, who had been into freelancing and dropshipping, says that DABA has opened up a new career path for him. “What I have made in these three weeks, I haven’t made up to that with dropshipping.” The excitement in his words was evident.

For him, there is a vast difference between crypto trading and dropshipping. Now, all he wants to do is to sit and master crypto trading. He hopes to leverage the unlimited access to the course materials to gain the mastery he seeks.

Moses advises people to follow DABA and Mr Chris Ani diligently.

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“You are better off when you lean on the wisdom of those that have gone ahead of you. If you want to excel in the crypto space, join DABA immediately,” Moses says.

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