The Secret Formula of the Phoenix

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Although a mythological creature, the life of a phoenix holds vital lessons for us.

A phoenix is a creature that regenerates. Technically, it never dies. It is said that when it gets to about 500 years old, it burns, dies, then regenerates.

What makes the phoenix interesting is that it is reborn from its ashes. And in this lies its formula:

The phoenix is not afraid of fire.

If at 100 years old, the phoenix is attacked by fire, do you think it would run away from it? It knows the fire does not have the capacity to "kill" it. It knows the fire gives it the raw material for rebirth.

As an individual with goals and dreams, life will be tough on many days. Many issues will try to burn your goals and aspirations to the ground.

But don't be afraid of these challenges.

Just like fire to the phoenix, challenges will give you the raw material for your rebirth. Challenges will toughen you, make you learn, and show you how to come out stronger and better.

It is OK to be tired. At 500 years, the phoenix becomes weak and dies.

But it is not OK to quit. The phoenix rises again.

So like a phoenix welcomes fire, you should embrace challenges, knowing that you will come out on top, knowing that you will always rise.

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