The Power Of Community

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By Maureen Eugene

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals” – Jean Vanier

A community can propel you negatively or positively. It can be a physical location where individuals assemble geographically or a virtual domain such as social media or private community networks. A community brings like-minded people together who have mutual values and characteristics. However, people who don't know the true worth of a community tend to underrate its power.

Here are four powerful qualities of a community and why you need it.

  • Influences business growth: If you wish to grow your skill, craft, or business, then you need a community that will support and motivate you. A community would help you keep track of your progress. You will also meet people who know better and are experts in your field. Certain communities share rare knowledge that can’t even be found on Google. If you wish to grow in business, find an ideal community. 

  • Has rare opportunities: Asides from gaining rare knowledge, you can also access opportunities not available to others if you belong to a community. These opportunities can come through a calibre of people that are key players in your industry. The more people you're able to reach and influence, the more likely you are to attract new business, gain access to a partnership, or raise funding for your business. Your network equals your net worth.

  • Source of inspiration: A community can inspire and change your life through their selfless support. A place that can help you become a better individual, make better decisions, and take strategic actions. Somedays, your belief may wane but looking at the community you belong to can elicit some inspiration and help you get started. You are inspired to push your limits and work toward your goal.

  • Platform for accountability: Having a community that you are accountable to can help you achieve your goals. A community bestows that super energy to deal with procrastination and push harder. Getting things done at the right time with the help of a community can pump you up for more feats.


DABA is a platform that gives you access to diverse communities that exposes you to wealth creation and financial freedom. To join one or more of these communities, follow these two simple steps: 

  • Purchase any of our premium courses and you will be immediately added to a community.


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