The Financial Evolution of Oti: Broke in 2020, Millionaire in 2021

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Knowledge is progressive. There is always a need to know more. In the quest for more knowledge, Oti became a DABA student.  

Oti was a full-time crypto trader before he encountered DABA. But when his friend told him about DABA and how badly he wanted to be part of the platform, Oti saw it as an opportunity to learn more and get better. As expected, he took the Trade and Make Money course — the well of knowledge that has given hundreds of crypto traders the mental and emotional grit needed for profitable crypto trading and investment. 

According to Oti, taking the course made him a better trader. He found the signals from the signal room helpful, particularly WIN and BTT signals. 

“I entered WIN and BTT, and I got the money I used for purchasing the course back. Every other thing I make now is a bonus.”

Oti has grown one of his trading portfolios to over $1,000 with the knowledge and signals received from the course and has a total investment portfolio (across various accounts) of about $5,000.  

For Oti, any young person seeking financial freedom should do two things. First, embrace crypto. 

“Crypto gave me financial freedom, from being broke last year to a millionaire this year. Since I tasted crypto money, I have been preaching the crypto gospel to family and friends. I tell them to open their eyes and minds to explore the crypto world. It’s a world of endless possibilities.” 

Second, learn. 

“My crypto journey started from a friend’s status. For five days and for free, he was willing to teach the rudiments of crypto trading to whoever sent him a DM. I seized the opportunity to learn. I went further to pay someone on Binance Nigeria group to teach me. So everyone seeking financial freedom should be willing to learn, pay the price for knowledge, and not be scared of taking risks.”

Oti 2

Oti has only been in DABA for about a month, but the results he has seen so far make him optimistic that his trading career would be better because of DABA. This optimism instills in him the confidence that soon, he would be sharing another testimony.

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