Stop Ruining Memorable Moments: Key Reasons Why You Need To Be A Professional Video Editor

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By Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna


Dear VE,

You just ruined a couple’s happy moment.

They had received your package with joy, eager to see the memorable moments you had captured in sights and sounds at their wedding. They wanted to see the smiles on their faces that emanated from the buttery sweetness in their belly. They wanted to watch the excitement of their families and friends. They wanted to relive the beautiful moment when they exchanged their vows, their dance, their kiss.

But you ruined it.

First, the video was grainy. Even a 1975 TV commercial had clearer picture. The graphics you used was also distracting. For instance, from time to time, a dove would hover past the screen. Why did you add that? Well, the couple didn’t mind these. As long as they could see their big day in motion picture, they were fine.

However, when the audio became so poor that they couldn’t hear their exchange of vows, when you cut out their couple’s dance and kiss, the wife broke down in tears. Literally, you captured nothing! The husband turned off the TV. He was too angry to call you, too sad to console his wife. But he was able to pull himself together to console her; told her that the memories in their hearts could never tampered with. And that’s all that mattered.


The couple may have found a way to get over your unprofessionalism and amateur video editing, but they would never forget you as the one who ruined their chance of replaying their memorable day in sights and sounds. So, as you read this, ask yourself if that is what you always want to be remembered for. Ask yourself if you still want to ruin more memories.

Your job is important, so you should treat it as one. In case you don’t know why video editing is important, here are 4 reasons why:

1. Videos are impactful and hold memories. A minute video can tell a story of a thousand words. As an editor, you are appealing to the sight, hearing, and feelings of people at the same time. This is why a bad video, your bad video can never be forgotten.

2. Videos can be accessed anywhere, anytime. And no matter how many times a video is watched, it still retains its value, as long as it is expertly edited.

3. Videos can never go out of style. We still laugh to the videos of Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean. We still feel the sweetness of love when we watch Titanic. And we still remember Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator. Hasta la vista, baby.

4. It doesn’t cost much to produce videos. All you need to start is a computer and a couple software. Then you would be on your way to blend memories into magic. But before you can do this, you need one vital requirement: skill.

Being skilled in video editing and production is the only way to stop ruining moments. To gain skill, you need to have the right information and learning resource. This is why you need to take our Video Editing and Production Master Course on DABA. It is a course that would strip you off unprofessionalism and clothe you with mastery. Click here to get started.

Video course

As you enroll and take the course, you have the opportunity of sitting under the LIVE tutelage of the course’s facilitator this Friday, 11th December 2020. Be part of our Wealth Creation Series this Friday as Ransome Adewale will show you How To Make Money With Video Editing and Marketing. Join our Telegram community to get the link to the event.

Wealth Creation

Remember: Before you make money as a video editor, you’d have to stop ruining memorable moments. And to that you’d have to gain mastery.   

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