Social Media: The New CV

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By Maureen Eugene

Current statistics show that most people get hired quickly via social media. Not because it's been long designed that way, but because things seem to move faster with social media. Times and trends have changed too. The story of Funke shows this. 

You are invited for an interview on Monday, 10th of June, 10 am, the mail read. Funke was excited. The email was a reply from a company she had submitted her application to. 

The following week, she went for the interview, and soon it was her turn.

“We will run a check on your social media handle before we get started. This is part of your interview. In fact, a major part of your interview. We surf through the profiles of our potential employees. So if you don't mind, let's get started.” 

Funke was shocked and perplexed. She wasn't sure of what the outcome would be. So she waited anxiously as the HR personnel typed into the computer. 

After a few minutes, the interviewer looked up to Funke and said, “We are sorry Miss Funke. The results here are completely unacceptable. Your social media feeds show the use of rude and repulsive words. There is no speck of brilliance. Your platform does not reflect the kind of person who needs to handle a position in a company like ours.”

He gestured to her to take her leave.

That was it. She lost her dream job. 

Your social media speaks volumes of your kind of thoughts. 

The quality of your thoughts can be seen in the comments you dish out on other people's posts, your thoughts on government, your belief system, social policies, and how able you are to keep a secret. And some of these are determinants of you getting hired to work for them.  

So, how do you maintain a good social media profile? 

  • Sanitize your timeline and profiles on all social media you belong to — Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

  • State on your bio who you are, what services you render, and how you can be reached.

  • Have engaging content. You can pin the most engaging post so that a new follower can see what you do at a glance. Intentionally create quality and sound content that resonates with your skills.

  • Be mindful of your comments on other people's posts. 

  • Your pictures are not left out. Let your picture speak professionalism.

Use these tips to position yourself rightly on social media. Don't be like Funke. Be different.

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