Shonub Bashir: A Testament to the Power of Community

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It is through financial freedom we breathe life into our dreams. And it is always exciting to see our dreams come to life. With Shonub, this excitement is palpable, even contagious. 

Shonub Bashir had always believed in providing solutions to problems in his community. He wanted to do this through real estate, logistics, agriculture, and cryptocurrency. He believed that these industries needed more effective and reliable models, individuals, and a team of people to give the target market great services and deliver the best to the community.  

But Shonub, popularly known as Bash, had one major constraint: finance. 

Although he had been in the cryptocurrency market since 2016, what he realized from the market was not sufficient to fuel his dreams. Not until December 2019 when he decided to join DABA. He took the WhatsApp Monetization Course, a course which he said “opened his mind to branding and marketing after several years of being in business.” He used the lessons from the course to build a structure and strategically position himself to attract clients.

“The course gave me more views and options on how marketing can be used to propel new models and ideas in business.”

With his newly acquired marketing skills and profits gained from crypto trading after taking the Trade and Make Money course, he proceeded to set up his company, Bash Trade and Global Services — a platform he uses to deliver exceptional services and change people’s perceptions about the industries he has chosen to play in. 

Shonub noted that he couldn’t have been successful without the community DABA offered to him. He is passionate about helping out in any community he finds himself in. And one likely reason for this is because he had been a beneficiary of generosity. He recalled how Chris Ani had given him a discount because he didn’t have enough cash to purchase a course on DABA. Now he has enough to give back and sponsor others. In The Money Code Conference of 2020, Shonub bought the WhatsApp Monetization Course for five students.  

He described DABA and its community as the “trigger” he needed to lift him up. A place where he can easily put up a call and get someone to help him solve a need. “There’s no success story I will talk about without mentioning DABA.” 

But success stories are often bittered with challenges. For Shonub, his greatest challenge is getting the finance to scale his business. His goal is to expand his business through personal wealth. No loans. Besides, loans often come with high interest rates. So his strategy is to keep financing himself and building step by step. 

Currently, Bash Trade and Global Services is fully into real estate and agriculture. The company hopes to launch officially before September 2021, and with the launch, there will be a remodeling, an expansion into logistics services, and the introduction of new payment options. The company also hopes to provide jobs in its immediate community.

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