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Having and honing a skill could be your one-way ticket to a very successful life, especially if it is a high income skill. High income skills are skills that you can comfortably do from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, laptop, and knowledge. Some of these skills include Affiliate marketing, Graphic design, WhatsApp monetization, and UI/UX. 

With these high income skills, the only barrier that would stop you from achieving success is yourself because everything you need is available on the Internet. For some people, picking the right skill is never an issue because they already know their interests. However, that does not deny that choosing the right skill for you is a decision-making process that can be very challenging. With new skills being introduced regularly, making this choice becomes more difficult. In this article, some factors have been outlined that will not only help you choose the right course for yourself, but will also enable you to learn these courses better. 

Choose a Skill that Suits Your Interests and Personality 

Picking the right skill for you can be quite tricky if you don't know what your interests are. So, before you decide to settle for a skill, pay attention to what you enjoy doing; it could be a hobby or a new experience you'd like to try. Your personality also plays a vital role in your choice of skillset. If you are at a loss for what to do, you could speak to people and ask them to identify your strong points. Or you could ask yourself the following provocative questions that will make it easier to find some answers. 

What kind of person am I?

What do I enjoy doing? 

What values and skills do I possess? Finding answers to these questions would steer you toward the right direction and reduce the challenges of picking the right skill for yourself.  After you discover what your interests are, conduct research on these skills and find out courses that are in line with them. Several courses revolve around a skill, and finding them would not be an issue.

Select a Suitable Course

When you have discovered your skill sets, conduct research on the courses that are in line with your skillsets. Several courses revolve around a skill, and finding them would not be an issue. You could opt for Drone piloting if you have interests in planes and flying; you could also settle for affiliate marketing if selling is your thing. There are also soft skills you can engage in if you realize that you enjoy teamwork and interacting with people. Courses on Leadership and teamwork would be a good match for you. Ensure that the course you settle for would be in line with whatever skill you have chosen. 

Check Out DABA  School

DABA is your one-stop online school for online courses and personal development. Designed to help people understand their purpose and achieve their visions, DABA has a wide range of skills and courses that you can choose from. Drone piloting, UI/UX, Video Editing, and Affiliate Marketing are only some of the courses you can sign up for at DABA. Log onto the DABA website to check out the several available courses for you. Here is a list of other courses you can learn from DABA school. 

DABA is a school of abundance, and apart from picking the right course for yourself, you also gain relevant strategies that will set you financially free. 

Stay Committed And Consistent

There are certain values that you have to practice when learning a new skill, and two of them are commitment and consistency. You would have to get up, show up and pay attention to what you learn. Consistency and commitment are values that will help you understand your courses faster and better. And while you receive your lessons, ensure to also carry out personal research on your own, polish your skill as you increase in your areas of understanding, and strive to be the best in your niche. 


You need to implement the lessons from your courses. Although learning and staying committed can help you achieve your goals, they are never enough; you have to implement all the knowledge and practices you learn from these courses. Implementation is the only way to find out what works and what doesn't, and when you implement lessons, you always provide opportunities for yourself to move from one level to another. 

Get A Mentor

A mentor is an individual who helps you to hone your skills, make better decisions and introduce you to different perspectives of life. You can leverage your mentor's experiences to gain guidance and clarity about what you want to achieve with yourself. Apart from taking classes and implementing lessons, one other factor that would help you develop your skill is getting a mentor. Note that your mentor would have to be in the same field as you because that will make it easier for them to put you through your learning process. 

Your mentor does not have to be older than you, but you need to choose someone who is a professional in the path you have chosen to follow. And one benefit of having a mentor is that you do not have to learn by trial and error, as their experience can serve as a road map for you. 

So, it's okay to feel confused for a time, but don't let it be for long. Roll up your sleeves and get to work, and remember that one of the ways you can pick the right skill for yourself is by identifying your interests. 


Picking the right skill for you doesn't have to be hard, provided you identify your interests, are ready to work hard, and follow the steps above. DABA also covers a wide range of high-income skills you would find interesting. Click on this link to start a course of your choice. 

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