#NewCourse: DABA launches YouTube Monetization Course

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The Digital Abundance Business Academy team worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to bring this unique course to fruition, and it promises to be a rewarding experience for anyone interested in learning how to gain the most from YouTube. 

Ever since it was launched in 2005, YouTube (a Google subsidiary) has grown to become the trusted site for anything video-related (entertainment, news, tutorials, gaming, lifestyle, etc). YouTube disclosed in 2017 that over 1 billion hours of video content were consumed on the platform daily. This staggering statistic has far increased since then owing to the rise of online-based media during the pandemic of 2020. YouTube is shaking up the media industry, and apart from its numerous daily users, the brand owes much to its army of relentless content creators. These individuals or groups consistently provide a wide array of diverse content across different niches. YouTube reportedly paid out over $30 billion to content creators in 2021 alone; this is why the YouTube Monetization Course is timely! 

The YouTube Monetization Course will teach its participants all they need to know about starting on YouTube, growing big, and earning a steady income from their respective channels. The course will also help participants to become experts in the business of content creation, in order to build up a lifelong income stream. As much as the course aims to help people tap into the rising & lucrative YouTube goldmine, it does not promise a low-effort, get-rich-quick scheme of approach. Rather, it will emphasize the necessity of patient consistency for the actualization of the best possible results. 

And what can participants actually expect from the course? In the course, participants will learn how to create a YouTube channel that'll stand out and attract loyal subscribers; how to grow a new YouTube channel while dealing with and overcoming peculiar challenges; how to set up a strong monetization process as well as the necessary tools and skill sets for maintaining a tip-top content creation process.

The course is open and affordable to anyone who already owns a YouTube channel and simply desires to grow, as well as those who want to start from scratch. It is also a good purchase for those who want to gain financial freedom, as well as those who crave the medium to make creative expressions in order to reach audiences globally. Only a good mobile phone is required to launch a successful YouTube channel and one doesn't need any level of film-making or hyper-production skills as long as they have the essential tools for basic content creation. 

The instructor for the course is Chidinma Otutu: a German-based software engineer, content creator, and developer advocate. As a content creator, she has developed a genuine passion for helping people by sharing knowledge, and it in turn has served her well by drawing income through her two YouTube channels. YouTube content creation granted her great opportunities, and it is from this wealth of experience that Chidinma will draw to educate, guide, and inspire participants to succeed on YouTube. 

To be a part of this, interested participants are required to buy the course in order to gain lifelong access to its materials. This means that after buying the course, one can return to it for as long as they need to.

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