Internet Business Show: Deborah Omeni Reveals the Power of Using Sales Funnels in Business

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By Chimfoun Dials

Some things cannot work. Like a guy asking a lady he’s meeting for the first time to marry him. This is the same scenario that plays out when the only thing you do on the internet is selling.

In a chat with Stephanie Ronald, lead generation and sales funnel expert, Deborah Omeni shared interesting lessons on using sales funnels to improve your sales online.

Here are some of the lessons:

  • If you are not applying a sales funnel strategy to anything you are selling online, you will not get good results. When you use a sales funnel, it’s easier for people to buy from you because you are giving them value at each point of the funnel.

  • Sales funnel is about gathering leads instead of gathering customers. A lead is someone who is interested in what you want to sell.

  • Leads keep you in business. Instead of having a customer-based target, you should have a lead-based target. 

  • Try to get those that are interested and find a way to keep them. The easiest way to get a lead is to offer them something in exchange for their information. After that, give out value. People need you to give them value before they give you their money.

  • There are four segments of the online market: problem unaware (60%), problem aware (20%), information gatherers (17%) and buyers (3%).

  • When you just sell online, you are only selling to 3% of the market already in the buy mode. When you use a sales funnel, you can capture the remaining 97%.

  • Your goal in using a sales funnel is to make the remaining 97% buyers. You do this by offering value that is specific to the market segment.

  • For the 17% who are in information-gathering mode, they are researching different solutions to their problem. Your marketing strategy at this level is to give them reasons to buy the solution you are offering.

  • For the 20% that are problem aware, they are nonchalant about looking for a solution. Your marketing strategy at this level is to hit on the problem and offer your product/service as a solution.

  • For the 60% who are unaware of the problem, your job is to bring the opportunity to them, make them realize the problem and offer your product/service as a solution.

In her chat with Stephanie, Deborah shared useful insights on lead generation and using sales funnels to grow as a business owner on the internet. She also left a golden piece of advice for newbies who want to start an online business.  

Watch the full episode here

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