#InternetMoneySeries: Tech, The New Oil Money

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There is so much focus on technology and software, and as a result, stock markets and investors are constantly increasing the value of IT enterprises internationally. Similar to how the oil business did in the nineteenth century, the information technology sector is thriving now. Given the influence technology is having on the world, it is currently one of the most attention-grabbing sectors. 

Since it is incredibly profitable, most people have sought to learn one tech skill or the other. Once people hear something like “tech skill”  the first thing they think of is writing code. Learning how to code can be pretty intimidating  However, it is possible to work in tech without necessarily having a solid understanding of coding.

The tech industry is enormous and expanding rapidly. While businesses are constantly looking for developers, they also want employees capable of doing a wide range of other tasks. There are numerous tech-related skills that are available that don't involve coding. These skills include user interface and experience design, data analysis, technical writing, project management, and business analysis.

At DABA, we have made it our mission throughout the years to help individuals create generational wealth through the internet. We have been doing this in different ways including the just concluded first season of the Internet Money Series. We had four live sessions tagged “Masters Of Social Media” where different speakers came to share with us their knowledge and experience on getting popular on various social media platforms - YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, and how to monetize these platforms in order to make a living. 

We are bringing back the Internet Money Series with more profound speakers, more interesting topics, and more methods to earn and learn using the internet because we are committed to spreading the message that developing skills and earning a career from them is something everyone should do.

The future is undoubtedly being shaped by technology. We continue to hear ground-breaking accounts of young people who have used tech to transform their lives every day. You too can have a fantastic career that pays well and keeps you challenged with your tech skills. 

The new season of the Internet Money Series is titled “Tech, The New Oil Money”. Here, we will have interesting and interactive sessions on what it takes to begin a career in tech, the various opportunities surrounding you in this field, how to make money using your tech skills and how to develop tech skills without learning how to code. Join us every Friday starting on the 7th of October at 8 pm on Zoom. Sign up here and anticipate another great season of opportunities. 

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