How Tochukwu Made $10,000 Within A Month After Taking DABA’s Trade And Make Money Course

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In this story of Tochukwu, the boundlessness of DABA is seen in faraway Asia

In the later part of 2020, Tochukwu, scrolling through his phone in his room in Thailand, got to know about DABA from Chris Ani’s Instagram page. And he took action.

First, he purchased Chris Ani’s book, Crypto 101. Then he got the Trade and Make Money course and the Crypto Money Bundle. For Tochukwu, the crypto space is not just a place to make quick money, so he wanted to understand how the crypto ecosystem works.

“After taking the Trade and Make Money course, I realized that I needed to keep learning if I must understand the crypto space. I began to implement the knowledge I gained through the course, and ever since then, almost every aspect of my life changed for good,” he tells the DABA team.

Tochukwu’s finances experienced dramatic growth. And just like Davido crooned, When money enter love is sweeter, Tochukwu’s relationship and social life became better. Also, his vision for the future transcended from lofty dreams to realistic, achievable goals. Isn't that what happens when you make over $10,000 within a month from trading crypto?

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Tochukwu advises everyone to follow the trend and development happening in the world today.

“At DABA, you will get to acquire such knowledge, not just about cryptocurrency but about community building, business development, and leadership.

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