How To Overcome Poverty

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Statistics show that more than 1.6 billion people live in multidimensional poverty. This proves that poverty is not just a mere phrase, but a reality, and many people are still stuck in it. Investopedia defines poverty as a state or condition in which a person or community lacks the financial resources and essentials for a minimum standard of living. It’s a state of inadequacy that deprives you of abundance. It is a psychological problem that shuts the mind from seeing possibilities that lie ahead.

Overcoming poverty begins with having the right knowledge. This is why we’ve put together these five proven strategies to help you overcome poverty.

1. Raise your value factor

To raise your value factor is to add value to the world you live in. What value are you giving out to the world today? What services are you offering to the people living around you? Offering value can only be possible via soft and hard skills.

Soft skills comprise ability, confidence, persuasion, self-esteem, and being positive minded. On the other hand, hard skills are learned and acquired through practice, repetition, and education. Examples of this are graphic design, copywriting, affiliate marketing, etc. These skills can be monetized and sold repeatedly.

Both hard and soft skills work hand in hand to help you add premium value to the community you find yourself.

2. Be Entrepreneurial 

By being entrepreneurial, you take advantage of your hard and soft skills to start a business and build new opportunities for yourself and others. Being entrepreneurial involves discovering what problems you can solve, offering solutions with your skills, and getting paid for your service. You should be able to sell this solution repeatedly. Only then can you generate money constantly and sever yourself from poverty.  

3. Learn to trade the financial market at the global level

Financial markets are one of the ways of getting out of poverty real quick. One of such markets is the crypto market. The market offers flexibility and a wide range of trading pairs. Players in the market record huge profits regularly and have become financially free. (Read the stories of Blessing, Smart, and Amos.) 

4. These strategies outlined in this article were culled from Chris Ani’s webinar tagged, “How To Overcome Poverty.”

5. To know the remaining strategies, download the DABA app here, and get the class for FREE.

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