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Some start the year with admirable enthusiasm. For them, a new year is a clean slate that signifies a fresh start. They scribble a list of goals, make tons of decisions spanning from personal goals to business and financial plans. They start like it's a marathon race, and soon, the zeal wanes. The person they used to be last year overtakes them. Old habits creep back in like spiders.

As you must know, having a great year doesn't come from mere wishes —wishing that you would start a business, own a house, or invest in your skills. Those fantasies don't work. Although the new year is the year when anything is possible, the best way to have a great year is by planning and executing. If you are committing to a new you in the new year, then be ready to put in the work. Here is a list of things that can guarantee you a great year if you stick to them.

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When was the last time you read a substantial magazine article or a terrific book? If you seem not to recall, then you are missing out. If your reading habit is only centered around Facebook updates, tweets, and the directions on your instant noodles packet then you are not prepping the right way. First, your reading has to be robust and not deficient in any way. Reading helps the mind. It goes beyond skimming and scrolling. Reading expands your ideas. When you read, you are actively developing your mind. To have a great year, you should add reading to your to-do list. Let it be a culture.

Be Multiskilled

Multiskilling equals multiple incomes. Let's take, for example, if you are a graphic designer, you could go as far as learning a UI/UX course. This way, you are competent on both sides and not leaving money on the table. And if you are an employee in a firm, being multiskilled places you at a greater level and makes you a valuable asset to the firm. Of course, no firm will want to lose a multi-skilled staff — hence you become irreplaceable. Being multiskilled is a great step to experiencing a great year. So it is OK if you learn more than one skill. It improves your career, makes you credible and efficient.

Live Debt Free

The concept of debt is greatly misunderstood by a lot of people. And that is why some take loans for the wrong reasons, from the wrong places, and end up depressed. Loans are best taken for valid business purposes. So if you are taking loans for any other reason, then you are setting up a trap for yourself. Like Henry Wheeler Shaw said, "Debt is like a trap, easy enough to get into, but hard to get out of”

Learn From Successful People

When Mark Zuckerberg was going to develop Facebook, he was seen discussing with his mentor, Steve Jobs. The discussion was on how he might manage and develop Facebook as well as his entrepreneurship. The duo were seen taking a walk around Palo Alto. To confirm that Steve Jobs was his mentor,  Mark Zuckerberg, upon Steve Jobs’ demise in 2011, publicly posted ‘Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you.’ 

The truth is that successful people are not hard to find. They are there on the internet, and their stories are on the pages of various publications. Their mistakes, strategies and results are there to inspire you. Learning from them should shield you from repeating certain mistakes and wrong business decisions. Successful people are pathfinders who raise the standards of human achievements. When you study their history, you can choose the right one to model after. These people have exceptional qualities that have contributed greatly to their success. This year, find a mentor and follow closely.

Build A Business

It is good to have a side hustle, but if your hustle pays you handsomely, you can build a real business out of it. Go from a side hustle and launch a business. Money has to come from a system, not from an individual. The story of Steve Jobs should inspire you as you think about owning a business.

Before Apple became a massive tech firm, it was a side project for its two co-founders. In 1976, Steve Jobs had a part-time job at Atari where he worked a night shift. His friend, Steve Wozniak was an engineer at HP and they both worked on building a computer in their spare time, which became recognized as the Apple I.

They worked in a garage, using Atari fractions to make the machine. Shortly after the invention, the duo presented it to Jobs' boss, who later declined to invest. Over the last few decades, Apple has revolutionized the tech industry, inventing iPods, iTunes, and iPhones. 


This year could be your dream year. You can still achieve your set goals if you decide you want to. Nothing is stopping you. You are the only person who can stop yourself from having a great year. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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