How To Choose The Right Video Background

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Written by Maureen Eugene

As a YouTube Vlogger or an online course creator, if you choose the wrong background for your video it will tell on your audience and eventually on the upshot. Although selecting the right background for your videos can be challenging, it has a lot to do with the success of your videos. So after getting your topic and camera lights ready, what you need next is an ideal background. Here are reliable ways to choose the right background for your next video:

1. Choose a relatable background: Your video backgrounds should be relatable to your brand. It should have shades of your company’s brand colours. For example, if your company has shades of red and white in its logo and branding, the same should go for most of the video backgrounds. This is not compulsory, though; just a valid recommendation. Your video background tells a story and can have a subtle effect on your audience. Be intentional as you choose your settings, such as an office, a library, your room, garage, or even a classroom.

2. Opt for paper backgrounds: If your background is not presentable and you need a great-looking shot or just want something modest and plain, you can opt for the paper background.

Credit: Wistia

Paper background comes in diverse colours, which are majorly 107” roll of seamless photo paper. Sometimes it can be a whole puzzle to choose from a bunch of different colours. Do not be in haste to make that decision. A better way to decide is to shoot in front of these colours and choose from the many options.

Remember, it’s all about branding and storytelling. Let the colours resonate with your brand as well. Let the colours not be unflattering to your subject and ensure your dress is not in conflict with your background.

3. Consider outdoor shoots: Outdoors are great ways to make outstanding videos, but some factors must be considered, such as time of the day, seasons, and lighting. 

Credit: All Free Download

Another thing you must consider is the light. Different times of the day yield different lighting on your subject. As you make preparations for an outdoor shoot, you could buy or hire a 5 in 1 reflector primarily used in studios which helps you in two ways: (1) Add more light to the subject, and (2) Disperse light to the subject.

4. Product setup: Having your product set up while you speak to your audience can add colour to your background and serve as a great way to soft-sell. It’s a subtle way of branding and bringing your products to your audience. You can choose to wear a T-shirt or an accessory that points to your product. However, you don’t have to appear too promotional to avoid distraction. Do it subtly while dishing out value.


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