How to Build a Successful Career in the Tech Industry

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Are you a newbie to tech? Or do you already have a certain level of grounded experience or professional expertise? Whatever the case may be, you'll definitely agree that the tech industry is often a complex and challenging field. It takes lots of dedicated practice, smarts, and years to not only break into the industry but also rise to high levels of competence. You've probably heard of software developers, graphics designers, and programmers who take home outrageous paychecks for their work. The stories keep piling up, and so does the pressure to go into the gold rush of this new “oil money.” 

Studies even show that technology is the fastest way for millennials/zoomers to get rich nowadays, but what these studies don't tell you is how fast it can take. This may be between two to three or even five years depending on a lot of factors. Granted, the ideal tech career (with its picturesque success) requires persistent grinding, but knowing the way to go about building a sterling tech career helps a lot. Below are the select ways to build a strong career in tech, regardless of if it involves coding or not.

Develop Solutions

In an episode of our #InternetMoneySeries, it was stated that in tech, you are rewarded with relevance for solutions you provide, especially if these solutions work to enhance ease, productivity, and convenience in society. This is how most tech entrepreneurs become wealthy, powerful, and revered; they answer common and complex problems with efficient tech-based solutions. For example, ever thought of an image but couldn't quite find the right fit online? Well, researchers at OpenAI have developed artificial intelligence able to generate unique images from word prompts alone. Such technological revolutions can be commercialized to create an impact on how human beings utilize their imaginations. Of course, the solutions you provide don't have to be extraordinarily disruptive—you just need to configure how to make traditional processes a little bit more seamless, and just like that, you've implanted unshakeable roots in tech.

Initiate Networks

The saying “No man is an island” assumes a much greater meaning within the tech industry because the idea of working solo as a tech professional is plainly ridiculous and impossible. Not only do you need networking as a tool to trade ideas and information, but you can also create long-term relationships that can be of help by providing support and status boosts. In tech, your connections are powerful! You need them to collaborate with brilliant minds for creative growth, sharpen your visibility, improve your qualifications, and be open to fresh opportunities to level up. All these benefits translate into strong boosts for your self-confidence, which in turn enables you to sustain a relevant career in tech.

Remain Teachable

The illusion that you know everything possible is a dangerous one. Firstly, it limits your perception of things. And it also makes it easier for you to fail woefully because you would never admit to needing guidance. Being teachable requires you to be open to fresh ideas which are avenues for sharpening your intellect. Scrap things right away and start over from scratch if you have to. And don't slack on knowledge. Go beyond YouTube; invest in sources of knowledge that can help you grow, and can give you a stronger grasp of the things you thought you knew well enough. Always remember that the first step to mastery lies in acknowledging one's limitations.

Tolerate Feedback

The pathways to success in tech-based fields are often paved by setbacks, failures, mistakes—whatever you can call them. And in tech, you'll need to quickly develop a protective layer of tolerance for all sorts of negative feedback. The innovations we freely enjoy in life are the products of one person or a group of people tolerating criticism and channeling that to become better, and better until they gain mastery. You might be hesitant to invite external criticism, but you need to understand that being open to all sorts of feedback is a necessary step toward reaching your full potential as a tech pro. 

Be Patient & Consistent

One sure thing about tech is that it definitely rewards patience, especially when it is followed by consistent work. Most people going into tech often envision themselves becoming field wizards and mavericks in a matter of weeks. This is quite misleading. In fact, you should be wary of any tutor or institution that promises you what you know to be too good to be true: that you can be earning thousands of dollars in tech within just a short period after learning a particular skill. However, the truth shouldn't make you afraid. This is because you will have your little victories over time, and you will enjoy the restful periods between leaving a project, frustrated and returning to tackle it with renewed vigor. This is how to play the tech game, this is how to live the tech dream.

Ultimately, to be successful in tech, one has to submit to new knowledge at every possible turn. No one becomes a rich tech whiz just off their own smarts alone. That's because tech is not only making millionaires out of people, or changing the ways we work and live. It has also created a global community of brilliant minds. 

Still, it takes a lot of time and works to build a sustainable career in tech, especially one that doesn't require coding/programming. You'd definitely need every helpful piece of knowledge to thrive in the industry.

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