How To Build A Good Graphic Design Portfolio

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By Chimfoun Dials

Whether you're a full-time graphic designer or a freelancer, it's important you create a good graphic design portfolio to display your work to potential clients.

A graphic design portfolio proves your skill as a designer. However, it is one thing to have a portfolio, it is another thing to create an attractive one that will make your clients say, “I need this guy”? 

Here are 5 tips for creating a good graphic design portfolio. 

1. Choose the right platform to display your work

There are various platforms and media to put up your work as a graphic designer. However, since graphic design is visual, your portfolio has to be more of pictures than text. Suggested media include Instagram and Pinterest. You can also upload your work on your website. 

2. Upload your best work and display a wide range of skill and expertise 

When considering what to include in your portfolio, there’s an easy answer: the good stuff only. Also, uploading your finest works across different types of designs — logos, flyers, posters, business cards, invitation cards, etc.  — gives you an edge over your competitors.

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3. Include a case study or client recommendations

For social proof, a client recommendation (testimonial) is good. But you know what’s better? A case study.

A case study takes your prospective client on a journey of your design process. Through a written case study, your prospects can get an understanding of your project's background, the problem you were aiming to solve through design, and the creative process you took to arrive at a final result. It is a good way to get your prospect to connect with your creativity. 

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4. Get social

Your portfolio is only one part of your online presence as a graphic designer. Always include your social media handles, especially if you built your portfolio on a website. This way, your prospects can get to follow you and interact with your work.

5. Keep it up-to-date

Building a portfolio is not a once and for all task. Improve on it as you grow. Always remember to tighten up your portfolio — replace redundant contents with relevant, updated ones. Update it as your skills improve and as you gain better insights. 


Having a wonderful portfolio is one of the keys to becoming a highly skilled and sought-after graphic designer. This amongst other important keys is what you will learn when you take our Design and Mastery Course. Click here to get the course now. 

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