How TikTok Made Video Editors Out Of Many

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TikTok is a unique social media platform with over 600 billion users and was the most used app in July 2021. It targets young social media users, with large numbers of creators and viewers. It is globally known for its 60-second content, trending challenges and hashtags, flexibility, and unique video editing tools. 

With their 60-second video platform, TikTok creates a community for people with different talents. Tiktok video editing has become the largest video editing influence amongst young people. Most people see Tiktok as a domain for talents and challenges, with a variety of activities to showcase, with over 1 billion views daily. 

What makes TikTok unique is the understanding in the community that making good content is what will get a user noticed among the pile of other creators. Therefore, the platform is based on creating quality content with good editing skills and a variety of in-app tools to create the best content.

TikTok's Influence on Talents 

Most people see TikTok as a domain for talents, but it actually brings out talents as well. During the lockdown, the number of Tiktok users increased, with new talents appearing daily. It has become a breeding community for young and creative talents on social media. 

TikTok is putting youngsters into unending forms of competition which is a good thing because it is contributing to their knowledge of editing. Creating enticing content in not more than 60 seconds is not easy work, but with TikTok, it is now easier.

Tiktok is the most centralized talent incubator and video editing tool. It introduces new tools on a timely basis by making its tools more complex and offering a forum for non-professional editors to create and have their own original content. Other old-fashioned editing apps or software have too many dials, buttons, keyboards, settings. After finally editing a perfect video, those editing platforms don't usually have a community to share what has been created. TikTok made it much easier to edit and share videos globally.

Talents like dancing, singing, cooking, and others all depend on video editing as the community is mainly for videos, unlike Instagram and Facebook, which have photo options. Local film creation is not left out. Even though the platform only allows videos of no more than 60 seconds, creators use it to create short and enticing films.

TikTok transitions are the most viral trends going around on all social media platforms. People find it very compelling to watch. Transitions like mirror transitions, outfit transitions, and background transitions were known to be professional for movies and commercials, which have now become a viral trend on TikTok. Also, the slow motion trend brought out a good number of undiscovered talents during the lockdown. It has influenced the editing community in a good way. 

Other trends, including the flip challenge, a dance challenge, short clip trends, and so many other TikTok trends, have been started by a large number of undiscovered editors on TikTok worldwide. These trends are becoming a good influence on the editing community as youngsters are forced to create good content for fame.

How is TikTok Making Editors?

TikTok is best known for its dancing, but many people overlook the fact that dancing on TikTok necessitates video editing skills. TikTokers like Bella Poarch, known for her basic skills and singing, or Addison Rae, known for her dancing skills, actually have a whole video editing team behind the camera. Basic TikTokers with no editing teams are also making a hit on TikTok, offering viewers amazing video editing skills. And yet, TikTok is still known for dancing or singing. The filmmakers of tomorrow are already on TikTok. Innovative TikTok creators are making fascinating content that could win an Oscar.

Let's take a look at some of the content creators on TikTok that promoted insane video editing skills;

  • Sally Darr Griffin, a talented TikToker, creates short films under 60 seconds. Creators like Griffin understand the basic principles of video editing with just TikTok.

  • Zach King, a popular TikToker, had one of the most viewed TikTok videos with over 200 billion views. He is known as a TikTok magician, creating amazing effects in his videos. In his most viral video, we see Zach King winking at Harry Potter, with amazing effects.

  • Will Smith is seen to have started a career on TikTok. He invented the "wipe it down" challenge that became one of the most viral TikTok trends. It involves outstanding editing, which got a lot of people engaged in learning it.

  • Jordi Koalitic, the talented videographer and photographer shows us behind the scenes of his mind-blowing professional videography skills. He has contributed to the video editing community on TikTok with his videography tutorials.

TikTok provides its creators with streamlined tools to make their content the best. Tools like licensed music, audio and visual effects, and many others, including beauty moods. The TikTok editing package allows users to create even more outstanding content for Zach King's magic TikTok videos. 

TikTok video editing is also similar to other professional skills used in filmmaking; users are familiar with lighting, color, acting, and a variety of other concepts. It is said that because TikTok is more centered on how good a user's content is, how far that person can go to become viral on TikTok is unknown. This type of pressure is acting as a good factor, as most users strive to find their videos in the first place.


TikTok is not just for competitions or entertainment; it is also reshaping the way we feed on social media and adjusting to what we can expect from other online video social media platforms like YouTube and other platforms. TikTok has made video editors out of many through the compelling competitions they put up for creators, and their amazing video editing tools are becoming a good influence among social media users. While it is good to have editing knowledge on the TikTok app, it is extremely important to enhance your video production and editing skills. With just a single click, you could be on your way to becoming a badass video editor.

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