How Justina Grew Sales By 180% In One Month Through DABA’s WhatsApp Monetization Course

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An average Nigerian working in a financial firm, earning six figures, and meeting sales target in millions would likely feel they’ve arrived. But Justina isn’t an average Nigerian.

When you speak with Justina, who works with a financial firm into consumer lending products, the first thing you’d notice is her confidence. You’d notice a lady who understands and successfully navigates the terrains of the financial ecosystem. “When it comes to my job, I am like the best in the game. I have moved to three jobs this year, and it was due to poaching,” she tells Chris Ani in a voice note. But being a lady who strives for more, she decided to take the WhatsApp Monetization Course.

She took the course in June and began implementing the lessons in September. The course made her take her email marketing a notch further as she created a direct link to her WhatsApp from emails she sent out to her customers.

“I got results. A lot of people came to my WhatsApp and were interested [in my products]. I was able to achieve more because I had more time to convince and make them feel the reason why they needed to collect the money,” she writes in a WhatsApp chat with the DABA team.

In the month of September, Justina surpassed her monthly sales target of 10 million naira by almost 200 percent, as she made sales to the tune of 28 million naira in that month, and received a commission of 300,000 naira apart from her salary. In her words, the WhatsApp Monetization Course moved her from being “the good salesperson to being the best.”

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Just like Smart's, Justina’s story once again confirms that crossing the thin line between financial subsistence and financial freedom lies in knowing and applying the right strategies. And this is what the WhatsApp Monetization Course helps you do. It furnishes you with marketing strategies which can be applied using a simple social media tool like WhatsApp. However, applying strategies is like sowing seeds — one must follow and wait through the process to get results. This is why Justina says:

“Don’t pay for a course and rush into different businesses. Take your time, digest the strategies and apply them fully, and you would do just great. Everyone’s time is different. I took the course in June but implemented in September and the results keep coming in monthly.”

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