How Emeka Made in 3 Weeks What He Would Have Made in 5 Months

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As a web developer, it could take Emeka up to 5 months to make 7 million naira. But this reality changed when he ventured into the crypto space using the Trade and Make Money Course as a portal.

Where an original exists, there is bound to be a counterfeit. In fact, many counterfeits. People are often distracted by counterfeits. And Emeka was no exception.

He had been friends with Chris Ani for a long time but stalled on purchasing any DABA course. He was being careful not to fall into the trap of the many fake courses floating online. However, after a lot of contemplation, he bought the Trade and Make Money Course.

The course and the Cryptohub community transformed Emeka from a newbie to a trader who understood market analysis and portfolio risk management.

Making the right investment plus risk management made Mula over 7 million naira in profit. Little wonder his nickname is Mula, a Nigerian slang for money.

“I am a website developer. It could take me 5 months to get up to 7 million naira. With the profit I made from crypto within 3 weeks of joining the space, I bought a car worth 3.7 million naira, and sent out 6 million naira for my house project in the village. And my capital is still intact,” Emeka says.

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For Emeka, it is not too late to start anything.

“I wanted to start crypto trading since last year, but fear stopped me, among other things. But thank God I started and not just started, I started with the right course,” he said.  

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