How Blessing Made Over 1 Million Naira in 30 Days Through DABA’s “Trade and Make Money” Course

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Blessing, a fresh graduate of the University of Port-Harcourt, could feel frustration setting in. Forex trading was not what she thought it would be. She understood that an investment is a sinuous wave of gains and losses, but she was losing more than she was gaining. This bothered her, coupled with the fact that she had to pay a monthly subscription fee of over 100,000 naira to her forex broker. This was her plight for three months until she stumbled on DABA through Chris Ani’s Instagram page in August.

The courses on DABA piqued her interest and she messaged Chris Ani after going through DABA’s website. About her motivation to join DABA and taking the Trade and Make Money course, she said:

“I first thought the course was about forex trading, but when I realized it was about cryptocurrency trading, I decided to try something new. I told myself, instead of renewing my forex subscription on a platform where I wasn’t making any gain, why don’t I register on DABA. The course is cheap. No monthly subscriptions. No extra charges to join a signal room.”

Blessing paid for the course and watched the videos, which she said were easy to understand because of Mr. Ani’s teaching style. She joined Cryptohub’s WhatsApp group and opened a Binance account and a Trust wallet. However, she faced a challenge: funding these accounts.

“I was broke when I joined; I had no money to trade. So I said to Sir Chris, ‘The money I have is less than 100 dollars.’ And he replied, ‘You can use that. You can start with Binance.’ And that was how I started.”

In September, Blessing made over 2500 dollars. Her first big profit came from the Uniswap airdrop. She received a reward of 1300 dollars from that airdrop—a sum she called “free money.” For her, the airdrop gave her the capital for trading. After that, she learnt how to spot profitable coins and she tested what she learnt by buying CORE. She bought the coin with 0.5 ETH (~180 dollars), held it for seven days, and made 1800 dollars from the trade.

As long as you are determined, there's always a way out of poverty...

Blessing’s story clearly shows the distinction between cryptocurrency and other forms of investment. Cryptocurrency has often been criticized as a high-risk investment, but risk is a common denominator across every form of investment—from stocks to real estate. However, cryptocurrency offers its investors a huge opportunity for profit that greatly counterbalances the risk.

In a space of a month, cryptocurrency trading gave Blessing the chance to recover all she lost (capital and subscription fees) from forex trading. It was a compensation. A fast one at that. When asked if she would go back to forex trading, she chuckled and said:

“No, no, no. I am not going back.” Then she chuckled again.

For Blessing, “crypto money is future money.” She stated that by investing in cryptocurrency, you increase your chances of becoming wealthy and financially free in the future.

“If I could recover all I lost in a space of one month, I imagine how my life will turn around in one year.”

She advised those seeking financial freedom to be determined. With a voice laced with passion, she said:

“As long as you are determined, there’s always a way out of poverty, except you are comfortable with being poor. Also, you have to be in the right platform with like minds that want to be free from being broke too. I am happy that I am with DABA. I told Sir Chris that I bless the day I found DABA. Ever since I found DABA, the platform has been a blessing to me. And I think it is something everybody should experience.”

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