He Treats, Crypto Pays: The Financial Revolution of Dr Otumo

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Every day, Dr Otumo walks into the hospital, a spring in his steps, with two facts in his mind: one, it is another good day to save lives; two, he is connected to a platform that constantly injects life into his finances. 

For Dr Otumo, knowing about DABA was a cascade of events. It all began when a friend introduced him to Binance. Downloading the Binance app was his first contact with the cryptocurrency world. One day, he returned from work and decided to study the app, to understand it. Surfing through the black and gold streets of Binance, he stumbled on videos of past Binance events. In one of the videos, he listened to Chris Ani speak. And he was blown away. Or in his words, “He was so in love with this guy.”

He listened to Chris give tips on how to be a successful crypto trader and the trading tools to use. He went on to follow Chris on Instagram, read about him on Google, and sent him a DM on Instagram asking to join DABA. Chris sent him a link and the rest is a sweet tale of practice, principles, and profits. 

Dr Otumo was fascinated by the testimonials he found on DABA. 

“I am a faith-based person,” he said, “so when I saw the testimonials, I knew mine could be part.”

Since faith without works is dead, Dr Otumo proceeded to get the Trade and Make Money Course, joined the Cryptohub community, and watched the videos. He also went on YouTube to learn how to become a day trader and use technical analysis. Finally, he waited for signals from the Cryptohub team. Signals which he called “mega signals.”

The medical doctor went on to implement one of the most important trading tips given by Chris: have a trading strategy. Dr Otumo has a principle of trading on his own twice a week. These trades are usually low-risk and he exits them within two to three days. While Dr Otumo might think that he's only practising as a newbie, he might not know that by trading on his own, he's grooming himself into becoming an expert, near-perfect trader/investor.

Learning and applying lessons correctly always yield the right results. Dr Otumo described his trading results in three words: “Awesome! Astonishing! Fantabulous!” He made winning trades because he kept replaying Chris’s trading tips like a favourite song on repeat. 

Take profit. Trade wisely. You can’t control the market. Control your emotions. Your mental health is important.

Take profit. Trade wisely. You can’t control the market. Control your emotions. Your mental health is important.

Being a doctor, he understood the importance of protecting one’s mental health, so he was always calm, watching the trends. 

Dr Otumo's story proves that with the right knowledge, right application, and right community, a person can be financially liberated. He is not only a medical doctor but a businessman. Yet his earnings through crypto supersede these two streams of income by quite a wide margin. 

Analysing his earnings from his three income streams, he said, “If I’m to make a comparison or a ratio between what I make from my businesses and what I make from DABA, I think it should be a ratio of 3:1. That is, if I’m making one naira from my businesses, DABA is giving me three naira. But as for my basic salary as a medical doctor...” he laughed, “...no go there o! The ratio is just massive. I would say 7:1. So, if I’m making one naira as a medical doctor, I’m making seven naira from crypto. In summary, businesswise — crypto gives me 3x what I earn from my business; careerwise — it gives me 7x what I earn from my job. This is a rough monthly estimate.”

When Dr Otumo recounted his DABA journey, his voice was rich with delight. Delight tainted with disbelief. Disbelief in the fact that financial freedom could come so easily. This is why he advised others seeking financial freedom to join DABA and keep calm. For him, he is in the best position to give this advice because, within two months, he is already sharing a testimony — just like he said he would.

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