Hate To Take Risks? Then You Need To Read This Amazing Story of Kingsley

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"Do not borrow to invest." This is one of the golden rules of investment. Yet, Kingsley (not real name) paid no mind to it. Now, he has to live with the outcome of that risky financial decision.

Kingsley had known about DABA for a long time. His friend had been advising to join the platform since 2020, but Kingsley kept dragging his feet due to what he felt was the high cost of the Trade and Make Money course.

However, after witnessing how his friend’s life had changed for the better because of DABA, Kingsley finally unentangled himself from skepticism.

“To be sincere, DABA changed my friend for good. Like I mean for good. I’m very happy for him,” Kingsley said.

Kingsley’s friend not only egged him to join DABA, he also put his money where his mouth was by lending Kingsley $1000 (one thousand USD). And that was how Kingsley yielded himself to DABA to take him on a journey to financial freedom.

From the $1000 loan, he purchased DABA’s Trade and Make Money course worth $200 and used the rest as trading capital.

Recounting why he joined DABA, Kingsley said:

“I didn’t join DABA because I wanted to learn crypto. I used to trade crypto with what I learnt from one of my friends in school. I did some spot trading and also traded futures. Well, futures wasn’t my calling because I nearly got rekt. The reason I joined DABA was for the experience—to gain deep insights from a pro trader. Chris is a pro. I like to see him analyze the market. It gives me joy.”

Kingsley, a student and aspiring web developer, never stays away from the Cryptohub WhatsApp community. He stated that he’s always the first to see messages dropped in the group. And he always looks forward to Chris’s messages. The analyses by Chris gave him the spur and strength he needed to face the crypto market.

With signals from the community, Kingsley’s Binance account which held a trading capital of $400 currently holds over $2000, while a second wallet which held another $400, now has over $4000.

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For Kingsley, crypto is far better than any other job (including coding and programming), provided one knows the right channel. Therefore, he advises people to be on the right team no matter the field they find themselves in.


Do not borrow to invest. This is one of the golden rules of investment. But Kingsley’s story shows us that some rules are meant to be broken. Because often, all you need for wealth creation is to deviate from what is logical.

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