From Chats to Cash: The WhatsApp Strategy

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By Chimfoun Dials

Amongst all the social media apps, the instant messaging app, WhatsApp has been one of the best platforms for internet marketers to close sales faster. This starts from the normal “hello-hi” chat and ends in a cash transaction. 

To effectively employ the WhatsApp strategy, you need three important requirements: Value, Trust, and Audience.

Value is the solution you are offering to people’s problems. People are attracted to solutions. And they go a step further to buy solutions. Therefore to provide value, you need to identify a problem, create a solution, then offer the solution to your audience.

As easy as it sounds, not everyone is successful with this strategy because they miss the most important key to selling: trust. Before anyone buys from you on WhatsApp, they must trust you enough to exchange their cash for the solution you are offering them.

One easy way to build trust is through Education-Based Marketing (EBM). This involves putting up content that resonates with your audience; content aimed at educating and not just selling. You can offer this content through:

  1. WhatsApp Status

  2. Free and Paid Webinars on WhatsApp groups

  3. WhatsApp Broadcast

No matter the means used to deliver your content, make sure it is channeled towards solving a problem encountered by your audience. Also, be consistent in dishing out valuable content. This way, you establish authority and solidify the trust between you and your audience.

Finally, once you’ve set up your value delivery system and created trust within your growing audience, you should learn to close the sale. This is the only way money is made.

To learn how to close sales, you need just one thing: our WhatsApp Monetization Course. Click here to get it now!

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