Drone Piloting: Part-Time Vs Full Time

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In the past, the only time you ever heard of drone use was in the military. Not many people thought that drone piloting and services could become a business enterprise. Well, times have changed. Drones are now popular in the global market, and while the enterprise is still in its early stages, there is impressive growth. So, if you are thinking of going into drone piloting, now is a good time to start. The opportunities for a drone pilot are endless. Whether it's drone videography or photography, you could do those on your terms or as a full-time employee.

There is an increased demand for drone pilots in the general market and most of them make cool cash either as full-time or part-time drone pilots. Some drone pilots prefer the flexible hours they get from being self-employed. On the other hand, other drone pilots enjoy the security of full-time employment and consistent salary. Formerly, the problem with full-time employment was that not a lot of companies requested it. But with the current adoption of drone piloting, there are more full-time employment opportunities for drone pilots. 

Part-Time Drone Piloting

If you are an employee, you can opt for part-time drone piloting. This way, you don’t have to ditch your primary job. The drone industry is flexible no matter what kind of job you do. As a part-time drone pilot, there are certain niches you can work in in the drone industry. Below are some of the jobs for a part-time drone pilot:

Selling Stock Photos: As a part-time drone pilot, it is easy to sell photos and make money. You could earn from $50 or more just by selling photos on verified platforms. First, you'd need to ensure you have your license — permission for aerial work which usually comes as a course. There are loads of providers for this course, e.g, RUSTA which takes about three days for the one training session and exams. Once certified as a commercial drone pilot, you can sell your footage ranging from nature shots to urban landscapes. These photos can also be sold as crypto NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Sites like OpenSea— a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs enable you to trade your photos in NFTs. Other sites like Getty Images, Shutterstock. iStock photo authorizes you to sell your aerial photos. 

Taking weekend flight gigs: As a part-time drone pilot, you can take up weekend gigs such as aerial videos for filmmaking. Drones were introduced as cheaper and safer alternatives for some helicopter shoots, just in case you are wondering who would really need drone shoots during filmmaking. A drone is the eyes that go where the body cannot. Also, during your weekend, you can take up drone tutorials for newbies. 

Become an affiliate: Affiliate marketing knows no bounds. Drone piloting allows you to earn as an affiliate in affiliate platforms— for example, DABA. When you refer people to take a drone course on DABA, you earn a 10% commission of the sales. This way, you can still do your regular job and earn money as an affiliate.

Full-Time Drone Piloting

In full-time drone piloting, there are diverse industries in which to pitch your tent. Either as a freelancer or a niche expert. As a niche expert, you could choose to be an aerial photographer or videographer in real estate or filmmaking. Aside from real estate and filmmaking, you could make money from your drone skills as a delivery person, transporting packages, medical supplies just like it was done during the COVID-19 outbreak, food supplies, and other goods.Delivery processes now run smoothly because drones have become a valid alternative.


If you are intentional about drone piloting, it is a field that will help you achieve your financial goals, mostly because there is a lot you can do as a drone pilot. With the current wave in the digital space, e.g Meta   diving into NFT digital collectibles, drone pilots can display and trade stunning photos on the NFT marketplace when successfully launched. However, with no experience in drone piloting, you would need to enrol for a course. Our drone piloting course is a great way to begin your drone journey. You don't want to miss out on this one, click on the link to take the course today.

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