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Elizabeth White is the CEO of The White Company, a luxury marketplace for crypto holders looking to purchase real-world goods/experiences or simply cash out into fiat.

According to her, investing in crypto was first a hobby in 2011 but gradually blossomed into a luxury goods concierge service in 2017—where she helps newly minted crypto wealthy individuals spend their money on luxury. 

She began with selling laptops but graduated, in the space of three months, into more expensive and larger items like Lamborghinis. She has worked with well-known brands such as LVMH, McLaren Automotive, and Formula 1. 

Through her company, she has helped her over 22,000 clients buy luxuries they may not have easily purchased with fiat currencies. For example, one of her clients was a 16-year-old which she helped purchase his first car, a Nissan GT-R with his bitcoin mining reward. The White Company also helped another client with their engagement and honeymoon. 

Elizabeth has launched other crypto projects like the USD-backed stablecoin—White Standard, and a multifunctional wallet—White Wallet. White Standard enables an easy exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat; while White Wallet allows users to cash out their funds without the limits and/or fees of other wallets and exchanges. 

Advising those who want to emulate her, she said:

“Never get discouraged — Most of my life has been spent in male-dominated industries. It was tough to break through in the auto and racing world, but through pure perseverance, I was able to make my mark. The crypto world is no different. Women need to take credit for their work, not be afraid to get involved and engage in the important dialogues occurring both online and in-person at conferences, events and meetups.”

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