DABA Gave Nick What Academic Height And Agripreneurship Couldn’t Give Him

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Nick (not real name) knew that being a PhD student in Malaysia and having a farm in Nigeria were not enough to empower him financially. He needed more. And DABA gave him more.  

Malaysia can offer a Nigerian many things (better living standards at low cost, economic stability, political stability, efficient and affordable healthcare, etc.)  but not financial freedom. Migrating to a country cannot make one financially free. The path to financial freedom is one of constant learning, recognizing opportunities, and seizing these opportunities. Joining DABA was Nick’s opportunity.  

Nick’s friend introduced DABA to him in the closing months of 2020, but he finally overcame his skepticism in March this year. About his skepticism, he explained: “I needed to be certain of what I was going into and also wanted to be sure I was with the right group.” 

Nick proceeded to enrol for the Trade and Make Money course, which he described as explicit and easy to understand. After learning, he started trading.  

The crypto market may be a vast and frantic sea, but DABA is the lifeguard that guided Nick — just as it has guided others — to successfully navigate and profit from the crypto space. Like Oti, BTT and WIN signals gave Nick big wins. Just about a month old as a crypto trader, Nick has grown his $7,500 trading capital to about $9,000. 

“This is quite a definition of your money working for you just in the comfort of your home and not you working for money. My earnings after I got to join DABA is 100%  better and stress-free than when I wasn’t part of DABA.”

Nick 2

Nick believes that cryptocurrency is here to stay and for one to be financially free, one has to be part of the crypto space. He advised that people should not wait to have a huge sum of money before trading.

“The little you have, start with it cause little drops of water make a sea. Be dedicated and trust the process because patience matters a lot when it comes to trading. Before you venture into crypto, get the right information. DABA is the sure bet.

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