Business Leader of the Week: Business Tips from Glory Oguegbu

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By Chimfoun Dials

Our Business Leader for the week is Glory Oguegbu. She is the Founder of Renewable Energy Technology Institute (RETTI), an institute where individuals are trained and mentored along the value chain of the renewable energy sector and the opportunities around it. She is also a Mandela Washington Fellow.

RETTI has achieved several successes; notable among them is the Solar Women's Economic Empowerment Programme (SWEEP). Supported by the United States Department of State Mandela Washington Fellowship Reciprocal Exchange Programme, the initiative invests in solar technology to improve the livelihood of women in rural communities. The women fish farmers and traders in Makoko benefited from this initiative in March 2020.

In a talk show with Chris Ani, Glory shared the possibilities, current challenges, ongoing solutions, and business opportunities in the Renewable Energy sector. She also gave valuable business tips for intending entrepreneurs. Here are some of them:

  • Before you start a business, find out a real problem in your community that you want to solve (For her, it was combating climate change and providing electricity through renewable energy).

  • There can’t be any value if there is no problem you are solving. Figure out the pain point of your customer and think about how you are going to solve them.

  • Bring the idea out of your head and write it down.

  • START. Take the first step towards solving the problem you have identified. All you need is one yes. Islamic cleric Rumi said, “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears”.

  • Get knowledge around your interest and implement as you go. As you implement it, it will become clearer to you.

  • On your journey, be smart and think about how you will work with other people. Collaborate with someone who knows how to do it better than you. In the end, build a community of like-minded people and keep growing your business.

To watch the full talk between Gloria and Chris, click here.

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