BC 2021: A Story of Love, Fun, and ‘Oppression’

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Today made it exactly a week Chris Ani got married to the love of his life, Blessing Michael. It was an event of many stories—stories we want to share with you.


One day, Chris announced that he was getting married. We have all been waiting for the moment.


We got our agbada and gele ready.


Thank God our tailors did not tell us it would be ready before Friday.

nigerian tailors

Neither did we have a case of what I ordered vs. what I got.

what i ordered

DABA students had series of online meetings.

online meetings

While Blessing’s people in Uyo were deliberating how to open an account on Binance since Chris said he wanted to pay the bride price in Bitcoin.

village people

After all these preparations, we all gathered, looking fresh, first in Uyo, then in Port Harcourt.

Daniel Ani trad
Pastor Ransome and wife

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

It is often said that a wedding ceremony is for the bride. When Chris heard this, he was like: “Hold my beer.”

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-20 at 15.25.30

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

Chris Ani was as excited as a coin on a massive bull run.

excitement 1
excitement 2
excitement 3
excitement 4

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

His energy hit a new All-Time High. So he said to his wife:

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-20 at 15.42.55

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

Bitcoin even felt the energy and touched $60,000 that day.

btc at 60

And what about Blessing? She was the prettiest bride ever. Looking royal and glamorous.

blessing 1
blessing 2
blessing 3
blessing 4

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

We all thought we came for a wedding, little did we know that we had come for a motivational event.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-20 at 16.09.23

It all started at the reception when Chris and Blessing were dancing into the hall. Guests began to spray money, but we thought to ourselves:

IMG 20210320 161354

We didn't know that they heard us. So, Muna said: “Gentlemen, shall we begin?”


That was how it began to rain in Port Harcourt. Not rain from the heavens, but showers of naira notes. Omo!

money rain

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

Some ladies were like, “Oppor! Na here I go find boo today.” And their wishes were granted because it wasn’t long before the Boo of the Booless came on stage for a surprise performance.


Photo Credit: Obirhymes Pictures

Na Blessing Chris bring Chike for, but na female guests happy pass.

pawpaw yimu

After Chike finished, it was another round of showers of money. Money became the new carpet. Digital currencies became flesh that day.

carpet 1
carpet 2

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

We were oppressed. Everybody had one question in their hearts, as the oppression reach everybody like souvenir.

Photographer collect.

latro where

MC collect.

mc where

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

And DABA staff collect.

nolan where

dera where2

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

Even Bitcoin became a 13-step cake made by our cake instructor, Mrs. Emporium.

bitcoin cake 1

bitcoin cake 2

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

BC 2021 was a memorable event. And because of that wedding, we are launching new courses on DABA:

7-Figure Energy Course For All Grooms

Facilitator: Chris Ani


Spray and Oppress People

Facilitators: Munachi, Nweze, Gredo, and all the members of the Abitoshakers



After the wedding, we all told Chris:

aki crying meme

And Chris's response was:

chris vote of thanks meme

chris relax and be meme

Photo Credit: Latro Photography

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