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Anyway, now that I have you where I want you…

… What do I do with you? Phew......We’ll come back to that…

Here’s what happened…

On September 26, 1855, a Cleveland merchant company, Hewitt and Tuttle, hired the teenaged Rockefeller as an assistant bookkeeper. 

From that year forward, the corporate tycoon (Rockefeller) celebrated “job day” every September 26 to commemorate his entrance into the business world, and he considered the date more important than his birthday. 

“All my future seemed to hinge on that day,” he reminisced later in his life, “and I often tremble when I ask myself the question: 

‘What if I had not got the job?

Now back to you…

How often do you think of the people who have helped you in life, in one way or another…?

How often do you remember to appreciate how you got to where you are?

Do you ever remember the one thing, that had a great impact on your life?

Take a moment now to reflect on your life…

Pick a pen and paper, and just write out that one thing that changed the narrative of your life… And constantly be reminded of that..

Why you may ask?

When you are in constant thought of how you started, you will always have a direction on how to thread…

… It sounds crazy, but do it..

Go say a big thank you to that person that ignited the fire in you..

Just do something.. And also since you’re here, pick a new skill to learn..

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Trade and earn

  • Cake baking

  • Design and earn

We will like to rewrite your financial story… Do you mind?

Pick a skill and learn…. 

Cheers to you…

Chris Ani

P.S. You also can rewrite another’s Life…

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