9 Facts About Drones You Probably Didn’t Know About

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By Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna

Imagine this: Two photographers, one in 1950 and the other in 2020, are asked to capture the aerial view of a city within 24 hours. To do this, the photographer in 1950 would have to hire a plane or helicopter which would hover around the city for him to capture his shot. This would add to the total financial and time cost of the photo shoot, and he might not meet up with the deadline. However, for the guy in 2020, this task would be a piece of cake because: drones.

Also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASes), drones are flying robots with two basic functions: flight and navigation. Although these miniature planes or helicopters look like a child’s toy, their utility is widespread and huge. And here are 9 fun facts you probably never knew about them:

9. Christianity did not only spring up from Israel, drones did too

Israel was the first country to build a drone. The country was the first to develop military drone technology after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. (RadioFreeEurope RadioLiberty)

8. The flying robots would soon be Amazon’s delivery men

The e-commerce giant is currently developing a service called Prime Air — a delivery service designed to use drones to deliver packages to customers within 30 minutes or less. (Amazon)

7. Heard of the drone racing league?

Asides rugby and football leagues, there is also the drone racing league. Drone enthusiasts use sports stadiums or warehouses to illuminate the track as they race one another with their drones. (The Fact Site)

Drone racing league

6. Don’t send soldiers, send a drone

The first military drones used were armed drones. In 2001, they were used to deal with Mohammed Atef, a terrorist and military-in-chief. (The Fact Site)

5. White House Crash

On the 26th of January 2015, a drone accidentally crashed onto the lawn in the White House. (The Fact Site)

4. The robotic farmer

It is often said that when a farmer plants his seeds, he doesn’t go to the farm every day to check if the seeds have germinated and are doing well. But now, the farmer can decide to do that if he desires. Farmers can use drones to survey their field and see which crops are damaged and which are ready for harvesting. (The Fact Site)

3. If they wouldn’t listen to the WHO, they would listen to a drone

When the Rwandan government discovered densely populated neighbourhoods and high-risk zones were not complying with the Covid-19 preventive measures, they sent out drones. These drones were used to pass educative messages to residents. They were also used to monitor neighbourhoods where urgent intervention or evacuation would be required. (WHO Africa)

Drone Rwanda

2. What do we actually call them?

Drones have taken up many names as there is no consensus on what they should be called. The drone industry calls them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). MLB Company, a drone manufacturer called them “spy planes.” The Air Force christened them Remote Piloted Aircrafts (RPAs). Some call them small Unmanned Air Systems (sUAS). So, what will you call them? (Forbes)

1. Drones work too hard (Well, that’s why they are drones)

The US Air Force has between 65,000 and 70, 000 people working to process all the data and footage collected from drones. (Forbes)


Bonus Fact

Did you know DABA is set to be the first online school to launch a drone course?

With its wide range of application, knowing how to fly a drone is a skill you need to have. And DABA is prepared to help you with that. Anticipate!

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