9 Cake Baking Mistakes You Have Made

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Written by Maureen Eugene

You must be upset about the dried and crumbly cake staring at you right now. Last week, you had a burnt cake. Your cakes do not always turn out the way you want them and you don’t know why. Don’t beat yourself up. Baking mistakes sometimes birth mastery if you don’t give up. But before that, take a look at the list of things you may have been doing wrongly while baking.

1. Inaccurate measurements 

Credit: Serious Eats

Don’t think you know it all because sometimes even a pro chef flops. Always ensure your ingredients are well measured. Whatever it would demand: metric measures, cups for liquid ingredients, spoons, or even a balance scale—use them. 

2. Wrong oven temperature

Credit: Daily Mail

Sometimes, the fault could come from the oven’s temperature, which could make your cake too wet or too dry. Regulate the temperature. Cakes usually bake between 163 to 232°C (325 - 450°F).

3. Improper greasing of pans

If you don’t want a burnt cake then butter and flour your pan properly. Doing this may be taxing but if you desire a perfect result, ensure your parchment and pan are appropriately buttered.

4. Frosting while the cake is hot

Credit: Huffpost

Sometimes you are just impatient to let your cakes chill before frosting. This can ruin your hard work. Always give your cake time before applying the frost so it doesn’t melt right off.

5. Using the wrong attachment 

By now, you should know that a stand mixer comes with a beater, whisk, and dough hook. Using the wrong attachment will give you the wrong outcome. For example, your challah dough when mixed with a whisk won’t come out good.

6. Failure to preheat 

No matter what, don’t forget to preheat! Failure to do so will bring about an overly dense and undercooked end. In worst cases, the cake won’t rise. 

7. Using expired products 

Do not presume that your ingredients are still intact, especially after leaving them on the kitchen shelf for a long time. Expired ingredients can ruin your cake. Some of these ingredients have a short shelf life, so you need to check them to confirm their viability before usage.

8. Butter and sugar aren’t whipped jointly for enough time

When creaming or whipping butter and sugar, you might need to spend about 5 minutes doing it. This is to enable air to mix properly with the ingredients! The aftermath of this is a light color of the two ingredients.

9. You’re always in a hurry

You will need to exercise a little patience while baking. It takes a lot of time to produce a beautiful, mouthwatering cake. Don’t ruin it in a hurry. Take your time and enjoy the process. 


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