7 Ways To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business

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Written by Tamilore Adewuyi

You probably have the notion that Twitter is all memes, banters, and trends. But the bird app is more than that. When used effectively, Twitter is a very powerful tool for promoting your business.

In this article, we have highlighted 7 ways you can use Twitter to promote your brand.

1. Offer Value: There is a reason Twitter is called a microblogging platform, so use it to offer value to your audience. You have to be intentional about your tweets. Give your audience value. If you are into skincare products, then make informative and entertaining tweets about your product and industry.

The more your followers share and like your posts, the more traffic and followers—or leads—you generate.

However, while giving value, make it fun. All seriousness and no fun dampens engagements. You can utilize the new story feature on Twitter or create a thread of stories.  

2. Use Twitter Ads: Most people do not know about Twitter ads; they all run off to Facebook. What they don’t know is that Twitter ads have similar reach as Facebook. Twitter ads also come with an added advantage: they aim directly for people interested in your product and/or brand.

3. Use Correct Hashtags: Every social media user is familiar with hashtags. Hashtags increase your visibility and attract your target audience. When using hashtags, it may be tempting to squeeze every hashtag you can think of into a tweet to attract attention—but that’s a bad idea!

Did you know that tweets containing 1 or 2 hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with 3 or more?

4. Pinned Tweets: Your pinned tweet is your main highlight. A good pinned tweet sparks the interest of your (new) followers to check out other tweets of yours. Your pinned tweet could be a tweet with the most engagements, or a tweet of the products you offer and their prices.

5. Storytelling: We all love stories. So tell stories with your tweets. Tell stories around your niche. This is a great way to attract, educate, and entertain your audience.

6. Engagement: Endeavour to reply to your DMs and also interact in the comment section. This way, your followers feel closer to you and engage you even more—asking questions, giving their opinions and recommending needful resources.

7. Use Influencers: Influencer marketing is one of the hot cakes of Twitter. Getting an influencer to promote your product, attracts trust and also ensures you get a wider reach. Twitter influencers can promote your product through shout outs, advertisements, or mentions.



Leverage Trends: Trends are not only useful for growing your Instagram page, they are even more effective for your Twitter page. But be careful not to follow trends that may hurt your brand; trends that may take away your brand’s accurate image and present to the world a shadow, a silhouette.


Many companies have recorded huge sales by leveraging Twitter. You can too—by applying these strategies.

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