7 Steps To Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Sedo Ebinne
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Is this the life I truly want?

Many of us go through life asking ourselves this question. It may not be framed this exact way but it’s a question that bugs us at different times.

Finding purpose doesn’t have a formula and it’s no wonder people end up shooting blanks at various times in their lives. According to one analysis by The New York Times, only about 25% of American adults have a clear sense of purpose about what makes their lives meaningful while 40% either claim neutrality on the subject or that they don’t. 

And this is not only true for Americans, but for everyone. Many people live their lives not knowing what to do, while others on the parallel spectrum seem to have it all figured out. But whichever side of the divide you belong to, we all have a nudge a couple times to check if we are truly in the place we are meant to be.

If you ever find yourself in these murky waters of self-doubt there are some things you can do:

  • Put Yourself First

When you are searching for what to do with your life, it’s best to put yourself first. One of the best ways to do this is by figuring out who you are. Putting your best foot forward entails knowing where you want to go. And you can only figure this out when you know who you are and what you really want. 

While you need to balance the implications of your choices with external factors like family, you still need to make sure that your decision will satisfy you. It’s your happiness that’s on the line, not that of your family or friends. Remember that as you take that first step.

  • Figure Out What Excites You

Most people don’t think it’s possible to pursue a successful career in something they love to do, but the current dynamics of the world (such as the pandemic) have challenged that view and helped people make tons of money and businesses out of erstwhile hobbies.  It is essential to know what you’re passionate about so that you can stay in a place of fulfillment and identify with the very thing that fuels your passion.

  • Do Your Research

No matter what you do, you can’t really go far without having an idea of what it entails. Let’s say you want to open a pastry shop, apart from the cost of cookware and ingredients, certain things such as the type of treats the customers in that area like and the distance from residential areas is very important. Opening a tasty doughnut shop in a locale surrounded by elderly nursing homes is probably not a good idea. 

Also, understanding how to balance the business with your everyday schedule is extremely important. No matter how simple your business is, opening a startup takes time. Factoring in these changes, especially the unforeseen ones will be a good way to prepare your business for the long haul.

  • Write Down Your ‘Magical’ Ideas

Write your ideas down. Find a journal or small notebook where you can pen down your business ideas and incentives as you move forward. Some ideas might seem small but with little tweaks, they can become your life-changing business ideas. Remember, nothing is too silly. 

  • Invest

 It’s only natural to feel that this word only relates to money. But investment exceeds money. You should invest in knowledge by reading, listening to podcasts and watching visual guides on YouTube. Invest in yourself by learning a new skill (visit www.daba.school to begin). Also, having a good network is a great investment. Having the right people around you is crucial to achieving your success and realizing this can give you the edge you need. The right relationships pay dividends.

  • Seek Feedback

Having the right people also means having the willingness to listen to feedback whether positive or negative. Having people give you feedback about an idea may help you know where to make changes if necessary. Sometimes you may be tempted to feel that these people don’t understand the topic as much as you do but noting the feedback is never a bad idea. 

It is also good for people to interact with your product, even if they criticize it. No press is bad press. This is true for all life situations. If people are talking about you and/or your business, it simply means your business is worth talking about.

  • Start!

Starting is scary, but that is the first job you have. Start your business with precision, ask the right questions and launch! Nothing is ever really easy at the beginning but if you hold on, a little longer, you are sure to get the results you desire. 

Starting is a one-way road — it's either you start or you don’t. You could stay and keep looking over your shoulder at what you could be instead of just taking a chance on yourself. After doing your research, making the right network, writing down your ideas, and asking yourself if this is what you want to do, you’ll see you’re ready to start and live the life you want

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